Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #90 4-11-16

Hey everyone how is it going?? This week has been really good! We got a lot done and the weather has been freakin amazing! I am just gonna jump right in it!

Tuesday- So in the morning we had District meeting, that was really boring. Then we all went out to lunch after that to Wingers which is a Ghetto Buffalo Wild Wings. Then later that day we visited the Hortons who we are working with to get baptized! Then that night we went on splits and saw Abby! I asked her on a scale of one to 10 how excited she was to get baptized and she looked at me and said " mmmm A million"! Haha it was the cutest thing ever! Out of all the people I have seen get baptized, she has been the most excited! It was awesome!

Wednesday- Nothing exciting really happened Saturday:(

Thursday- In the Morning we helped this guy chop down a bunch of trees! I felt like a Lumberjack! haha There is this restaurant that will feed us for free because the members own it. It is great! We go there a lot! Then we went to a potential investigators house and visited her for a while! Her name is Wendy and she is really cool! Then we met this guy, Richard, who was a logger and he built his house out of logs. It is like a log cabin and it is super cool! but he also likes John wayne so we talked about the Duke for a while! It was great!

Friday- We started off by doing service at the senior center four like three hours! We washed a bunch of beans and stocked their storage room! Then we went to the Hortons again and helped clean out their dog pen because the twins are in 4H and are getting goats, so we converted it to a goat pen!

Saturday- ABBY GOT DUNKED!!!!! It was such a good baptism! There were so many people there that we had to move everyone into the chapel because there wasn't enough room. It was awesome! Such a good baptism. Also I think the best part was seeing Jace again! He is such and awesome guy! Then after that we put our service clothes back on and went to work! We mowed a lady's lawn for her and helped this family move their refrigerator into their house! Surprisingly enough that took the rest of the day! haha

Well that is all I got for this week!  I love you guys have a good week and thanks for everything!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week # 89 4-4-16

Hey everyone! I just wanna start with General Conference was sweet! Man Those guys are just some of the most inspired men and women on the earth! Freaking crazy! My favorite talk was by Elder Christofferson's talk about dads! Mainly because I have the best dad ever! But I also liked Elder Uchdorf's talk as well! He is a funny guy! Man there was just a lot of good talks this time and I loved it all! Also i thought it was really funny when President Monson brought up Alice in Wonderland! Because mom thinks he looks like one of the characters! haha

Tuesday- We had district meeting which was okay. I am just really burnt out on missionary meetings! haha Then we had a couple appointments fall through, which is really weird because that never happens, oh wait. Then that night we helped this family move into their house and they said they were cool for us to come back and teach them so hopefully it works out!

Wednesday- We had some more appointments fall through, but that was ok! Also, the Hutchinsons took us out to lunch and it was really good to see them again! Then that night we had a baptismal interview with a little girl who is getting baptized on Saturday! Super stoked about that!

Thursday- We helped a lady move a TV into the garbage! Her mom was just diagnosed with cancer, so it was a good visit. Then we had a lesson with this little kid named Tayson who is super funny! He is really sassy and makes me laugh! Then we were supposed to have a lesson with this kid named Stephen, but we ended up doing service with him for this guy in our ward! haha

Friday- So there was a funeral for this guy who I didn't know, but Elder Jacobs knew. So he went to that and I went with another member to help move this family! But when I say they lived in the middle of no where I mean it! haha It was like a 45 minute drive into the hills and there was nothing back there! It was actually a really cool house! Then after that we went to fruitland to help some other elders do some service. We dug a trench which was kinda fun. I guess! Haha but the cool part was that the people had a pond to go fishing in their backyard! I don't know if you know what a Stergen is, but they are like dinosaur fish, but these people got a permit for them! And they grow to be like 9 ft long! Its crazy! Then that night we had some appointments fall through again so the Zone leaders took us out for Ice cream!

Saturday- Conference and we helped the TV lady again and shoveled some gravel out of the back of her truck!

Well That is all I got! Sorry mom for no pictures. I forgot my camera at home:( But Love you guys! Take care!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #88 3-28-16

Hey everyone! New Plymouth has been pretty good so far! It isn't that much different from Homedale! But the work here is blowing up! It is great!

Tuesday- We had a lesson with this little girl who is 9 and she is getting baptized on the 9th! She is super cute and is super ready for it so things there are really good! Then we went on splits that night and visited these people who are from a country above India! But they are super cool and the mom doesn't speak English so we were having her 12 year old daughter translate for us! It was really cool!

Wednesday- We did service for a lady who is moving houses and it was really nice to be able to where a t-shirt and shorts outside! haha I LOVE THE HEAT!!!! Then we were supposed to play basketball with this kid who is taking the lessons, but we found out he was sick. So then we helped a lady outside of her house change her brakes! That was fun! Then that night we went and visited this lady who is super friendly, and loves horses and western stuff! But we invited her to take the missionary lessons and she excepted! So we will be teaching her!

Thursday- We went to the senior center for lunch and did some service for them! Then we went back to the brake lady's house and finished the other side of the car and moved some wood for her! Then we went to this family's house and the mom and dad are members, but the kids aren't. So we asked if we could teach their son and they said yes so we are gonna teach him too!

Fri- We had zone meeting! IT was kinda boring! hahaha

Sat- We got to go to Nampa for a baptism!! Her name is Hallie Haw's and she is sister Haws' daughter! Not a convert baptism, but really close to the family so it was good to see them!

Well that was my week! Thanks for all the love and support! Hope you all had a good Easter! Love ya!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #87 3-21-16

He's headed to New Plymouth Idaho!

Saying lots of good byes last week!

The Three Amigos are all going to different areas!

Mamma Jensen takes good care of him!

Hey everyone! How is it going?? Things here are Great! I just got transferred to New Plymouth Idaho! Which is right on the border! I am really excited because we go to Ontario Oregon to shop. And guess who doesn't have sales tax!!!! Freaking Oregon! I am stoked! Anyways, its a small farming community kinda like Homedale so that should be good! My New companion is Elder Jacobs! He is from San Bernardino California and is freaking awesome! He came out with me so he goes home the same day! I think we are gonna get along really well and have tons of fun! I am super excited!

So this week consisted of three things.. Packing, saying goodbyes, and loosing sleep! It was a rough one! Because we covered four wards we were all over the place saying goodbye! I have a bunch of pictures, but not very many stories!

One day Jace did take us on an adventure in the Owyhees! Thats where the scenery pictures came from! The rest are just me saying goodbye to some families and people I developed a relationship with! Love these guys!

Also there was this freak hail storm last week! It was crazy! It literally came out of no where!

SO yeah that was my week! Thanks everyone for all you do and for the prayers! Love you guys! Have a good week!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #86 3-14-16

Tractor driving in his International Harvester shirt for his Grandpa Rogers!

Hey everyone how are you doing? I am doing good! The weather here has been crazy! One day it is 75 degrees out then the next its in the 40's! Today was one of the cold days! Other then that things have been going good!

Tuesday- Tuesday was kinda slow. We went on splits that night and I got to go to Brittny and Bodens house! We taught her the Restoration again but this time we watched the movie and it went really good!

Wednesday- We had zone conference! I love zone conference, but sometimes I struggle with a 7 hour meeting! It was good to see some people from the other zones who I haven't seen in a while! Then that night we went to this family's house. They are a super awesome young couple, but the wife was sick, so we gave her a blessing and that was really good! Then we had a lesson with Andy who got baptized last week, and that was really good! Usually we go over the lessons with our New Converts, but he taught us the lesson! It was great! He is a really smart kid!

Thursday- DAIRY!!!!!!! I got to plow a freaking field! It was awesome! I felt like a farmer! I think I am gonna start a dairy in AZ! It is gonna rock! Then that night we had dinner with a semi less active family! They are super awesome and she is dating a non member and she brought all of his nieces to church! It was awesome! #missionaryworkfordayzzzzz Then that night we went and had a lesson with this guy, Brother McDonald who is super awesome! He really needed it!

Friday- In the morning we did art! Haha- the lady we live with is a super good artist! Paintings and pottery! SO I asked her if I could throw on her wheel and she let us! I will show you pictures next week! Then we had a lesson with Melba who got baptized a couple weeks ago and that was really good! She is such and awesome lady! She quite coffee and tea and smoking cold turkey after we taught her the Word of Wisdom! She hasn't messed up! So she is just a great lady!

Saturday- Saturday kinda stunk! We knocked on probably 25 doors and only two people answered!

Well that was my week! Thanks yall for being great! I love you all and remember to say your prayers!

"The past is behind, learn form it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, Live it."
-Thomas S. Monson

Live it homies!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #85 3-7-16

No kissing on the mission!

Andy got baptized!

Hey everyone! How are you doing?? I am doing really good! This week has been pretty crazy! I kissed a goat, put down a cow, and helped someone come closer to Christ by being baptized! It was great! The weather has been unreal, The dream trio is still together and laughing more then ever, and the work is still going!

Tuesday- We went to the dairy and put down a cow, also I roped a cow from the back of the truck! I felt like John Wayne from the movie Safari. Ok we didn't really rope it, we kinda scared it back into the fence! It jumped an electric wire! It was pretty funny! But I still felt cool! Then that night we went on splits and divided and conquered!

Wednesday- We had a lesson with Melba who got baptized last month! She was having a rough time because satan was trying pretty hard to get her down! but she is pretty amazing and didn't take crap from him! So that was a pretty good lesson!

Thursday- We tried I think everyone that lives in Homedale and didn't get a thing done! It was wonderful -_-

Friday- We Had our last lesson with Andy and his interview! He killed it and everything was good for the baptism on Sat! We also gave a lady a blessing who has a cyst and it has been causing her grief lately! So Priesthood power for the win!!!

Sat- ANDY GOT DUNKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also went to a less active members house and played glow in the dark golf with them! It was pretty fun!

Sunday- ANDY GOT CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had 6 hours of church! I told Jace if he bore his testimony then I would too and he did it! So then I got up there and preached till I was blue in the face! HAHA Jk I just said what the spirit told me too!

Well I love you all and have a good week! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Remember God is Great, Beer is not, And people are crazy!!! Love ya!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #84 2-29-16

Elder Rogers loves the dairy!

Hey everyone how are ya'll doing?? I am doing really good! Homedale is treating me really well! Can you believe its February already?? That is crazy! Spring is coming and I am ready for it! So not much to talk about this week. We had a blast though! We visited a lot of people who aren't necessarily progressing, but they needed a visit! We also had stake conference which is always good! It was really weird to only go to two hours of church on Sunday! Usually we are there from 7:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon! I found some connections this week. There is a guy who lives in Marsing who knows Bruce and Sterling and he also knew Grandpa Rogers! Crazy how small the world is! He also knows a guy in our area who isn't a member, but he knew Gpa pretty well I guess so I am gonna go see him! We went and worked on the dairy this week again and gave cows their shots! Hopefully you guys like the videos and pics! They make me happy! haha

Love you guys! Hope you have a good week and like always thanks for the love support and prayers! Take care!