Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #75 12/28/15

Mom & Dad

Carlee, David, Brody & Blake!

Ali & Jameson!

The Pope's in Utah...Sadi, Morgan, Henry, Kate & Sam.




Elder Rogers!!

Hey everyone! How is it going?? I hope you all had a good Christmas because I had a great one! It was so good to talk to everyone and see their bright shining faces!

This week has been really good. On Tuesday we had zone conference which was pretty fun. We really didn't have any trainings or anything and PCAN (President Cannon) decided we were just gonna have a little break! We watched some cheesy movie made by Mormons and did a white elephant exchange! It was pretty relaxed! Then on Wednesday we played basketball like all day! It was an effort to get these two kids to take the lessons and I think it went really well. We are gonna play again on Thursday so hopefully we can get em! Christmas eve was pretty awesome! We got permission to go visit some families in previous areas which was pretty awesome. We went and saw the Haws then went to Kuna and ate dinner with one of elder wrights cool families! We had Prime Rib and Crab! It was really good! I never had crab before so it was pretty cool!

Then we had Christmas! That was a good day! We opened presents with two families in the morning and that was really fun! Then I got to Skype everyone! Then we went to another families house for some more Prime rib! It was great!

Saturday was a pretty slow day! Everyone was busy recovering from Christmas so not to much happened! Except we did help this guy change 8 tires on his cars and it was like 10 degrees outside! It was so fetching cold! haha

Well I hope you all had a good Christmas! And wish a you a happy New Years! Love you all and have a great week!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #74 12/21/15

Hey yall! This week has been really good! Me and Elder wright get along really well! I haven't laughed this much in a really long time and it is great! We really didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of work. We were just getting Elder wright settled in and introducing him to everyone! But we have had a good week! I am super excited for Christmas! We are gonna be with some cool families and I get to talk to you guys! I love you so much! Gotta go! Love ya!

This week we helped set up for the ward Christmas party and that took like two days! It was crazy! And while we were doing that the Elders quorum president thought it would be funny to dump a bunch of snow on our car, but that's okay because we had a good laugh about it! But I love you guys! Talk to you on Friday! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #73 12/14/15

Elder Huff- companion.

District meeting- Hawaiin lunch!

Elder Huff leaving for Kuna

New Companion- Elder Wright

Hey yall! So this week was Nutss!! We had so much going on. It was great. But transfers this week and unfortunately Elder Huff is taking off to Kuna with Elder Hamel (Who went to Highland!!). My new companions name is Elder Wright and he is from Saratoga springs Utah. I really like him and i think things are gonna work out great!

So to start off this week, we had to take our car into the shop. There were three things wrong with it. 1. There was a piece on the exterior of the car that blew off because there were like 50 mile an hour winds going on plus me driving 60 mph. 2. The cigarette lighter isn't working, so we needed that fixed. I recently picked up smoking so I really need that thing! 3. Our tires need to be realigned, because the steering wheel would shake when I was driving. So we take the car to the dealership Tuesday. They told us it was going to be a few hours so I am thinking like two hours tops. So we had some other Elders pick us up and we went out to eat lunch. They dealership said they were going to call back so we are just waiting for the call. So FIVE hours go by and I was just P.O'd because it was taking forever so we went back to the dealership.  The lady comes out to tell us what was going on. She told us that she didn't have the exterior piece and they were going to order it. Then she told us how our outlet was working just fine and that it was the GPS that was broken. And lastly she told us the we needed new tires and they couldn't do the realignment. So Basically they had our car for five and a half hours and didn't do a darn thing. I was ticked. So we went to Leschwab and they gave us some new tires in like 30 minutes then we went home. We finish out the day go sleep do all our fun stuff, then in the morning we get a call from the senior missionary who is over the cars. He told us that we needed to get the oil changed on the car.... haha!

SO more on the fun side, we helped our bishop burn some tumble weeds that had blown into his field and the neighbors. Honestly I hadn't ever seen a tumble weed in my entire life until I got to Idaho. And his field was COVERED!!!!! It was insane! We took a bunch of pictures, but they are on Elder huffs camera so I will try to get them next week!

This week we also went with a family in the ward to go see the Christmas lights in Caldwell. That was really fun, they are the ones from Gilbert so it was a mutual disappointment because it wasn't anywhere near Mesa Temple lights! haha

now I just wanna give a shout out to the coolest district in the Idaho Nampa Mission! That is the Marsing district! They are real friends and made this transfer super fun. They are my brothers and sisters and will be life long friends! We had such a blast this week. The two sisters in our district are from Hawaii so we had a big Hawaiian lunch one day! Then on Saturday it was pouring rain, so we decided to go caroling and can I tell you it was the most fun I have ever had caroling! They are freakin legit! #marsing2k15 #Fromthefatu

Well I love you guys and thanks for all the support! hope yall have a good week!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week #72 12/7/15

Hey everyone! This week was really good. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of service! We helped a lady in the ward rip up her old floor and put in some cabinets! That was really fun it makes me really miss working! But man was I sore afterwards. Maybe I should start working out or something.

We also got our first snow this week. It kinda sucked but I kind of enjoyed it since I was in a car, unlike last year! But it melted the next day because it was in the 40's!!! I never thought I would say the 40's felt so good! It had been in the teens for the past week and so when forty rolled around I broke out a short sleeve shirt! It was nice! Also the fog here in the mornings is crazy! My picture kinda sucks but I tried!

So funny story time (a little crude)! We were in a lesson with a recently returning member and she had some Christmas music playing in the back ground so she couldn't here us very well. But as we were sitting there talking to her, Elder Huff decides it is a fantastic time to let the lion hiding in his butt roar! Man was it a good fart. But Since we were in a lesson I was instantly mad/ confused/ disgusted/ impressed. And I think I gave him the glare of the century. But trying to keep the spirit in the room I ignored it and continued to talk to this lady. No later then 30 seconds he rips another one. Now I was kinda upset because he didn't even try to hold that one in! So I just let go again because she had the music on so she didn't here it! So we are wrapping the lesson up and some how we get on the topic of pulling pranks in high school. She then confessed to us how she and her aunt put a fart machine in the couch and it wasn't elder Huff! So we decided next week we are gonna invite a member to the lesson and see how she reacts! So stay tuned!

Also cool spirit testimony builder story of the week! So at district meeting we were talking about our problems with investigators and stuff like that. The sisters were talking about this girl whose desire to get baptized was sincere and true, but she wasn't keeping commitments so we all said to just drop it. But then I remembered a story about President Monson when he was an apostle! He was in Tonga speaking to and elementary school and while he was sitting there he felt the prompting to shake everyone's hand. He checked his watch and thought about what he had planned, and he decided he didn't have the time, and he gave his talk and sat down. But then again he got the same prompting to shake everyone's and so just before the closing prayer he announced that he was gonna shake everyone's hand and the kids were really excited. After that , one of the Local leaders approached President Monson and asked if he wanted to know why he felt the prompting to shake everyone's hand, and of course his answer was yes. He proceeded to tell President Monson that those little kids have been praying ever since they found out he was coming that they would get the chance to shake an apostle of the Lord's hand.

Anyways the reason I told you this is because I felt like we needed to pray for the sisters investigator. So we dedicated the closing prayer to her and had the faith that her heart would be softened! Then the next week I saw the sisters and they told us how the girl totally did a 180 and started to keep the commitments! I know that the power of prayer works not only personally but as a group as well! I love you guys and hope life doesn't suck for ya!