Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week #9 9-22-14

Elder VanWagoner holding a rack.

Missionary Service!

Elder Christensen.

Dutch oven potatoes!  Looks delish.

Sorry I didn't write to you last week, we were in Nampa all day so I didn't get a chance to be on the computer very much! 

Monday-Transfer day so we had to get up at like 4:30 to take elder Astle to the transfer spot. It was stupid though because he didn't even need to go because we ended up giving him a ride to where he was transferred! Then I did some shopping for winter clothes! I was really cold like two weeks ago, but this week was super hot so I didn't even need them Haha! Then that night we had a lesson with two girls who are golden investigators! Seriously they were ready to get baptized right then! But one, who's name is Taylor, we aren't able to teach anymore. We got a call from the lady's house we were teaching them at and she said her parents were super ticked that she was taking the lessons so hopefully she will take them when she turns 18. The other girl, Aspen, is super awesome. She was meeting with the investigators a while ago, but she didn't like it but her family ended up getting baptized instead. Then this member girl who is on the cheer team with her asked her if she wanted to meet with us and she said yes! So we are teaching her and she set a date to get baptized on Oct. 18! 

Tuesday- Was pretty slow during the day, but we had a fun night. We went around with one of the ward mission leaders. We had a name to go visit from the bishop so we went there first. When we got there the lady tried sicking her dog on us, but what was really funny Because the dog was super old and took like fifteen minutes to get out of the house! Me and Elder VW both got in the car because that is what a representative of Christ would do! But the Ward mission leader, I love this guy, just stood there! He told the lady that it was illegal to sick your dogs on someone, which it is, but that really ticked the lady off! She started swearing and telling us that she wrote the law and stuff like that. It was really funny! I was just laughing in the back of the car and I think Elder VW was wetting his pants! Haha Then after that we went and contacted a media referral and we got a new investigator!

Wednesday- we went and visited a man named Dennis. Dennis was baptized like a year ago and just received the Melchizedek priesthood. He is one of those guys that looks for the questions that can't be answered! He is an awesome guy though! Then later that day we went and visited a man named Chuck Bardin. He is a retired undercover cop from L.A. and is a super awesome grandpa! He was kinda raised in a Cherokee household, so he is new to the whole christian thing. One of his buddies gave him a bible and so he is just starting to read it. We went over and gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him the restoration! He seemed really interested! So we are going to visit him tomorrow! Then that night we went to a "come and see"! It is like a tour of the church and they have booths set up for investigators. But it was a youth one so there was a ton of people! It was awesome! Aspen went and there is another kid there that we are going to try and visit! So hopefully that goes well!

Thursday- Was really slow! We kept striking out so we decided we would go visit some of the members! This guy has an old Chevy in his garage that puts out like 500 ponies and has nos! It is freaking ridiculous! But it sounds like heaven! Then we went on splits and I was freaking out! I had to teach these two kids the restoration.  

Friday- We had district meeting which was fun I guess! We have two new greenies in our district so I am not the youngest anymore! It feels so good! Then we had another lesson with Aspen which went really good! We watched the restoration video and just did a follow up lesson on the restoration! We are meeting with her today and we are gonna talk about the plan of salvation! So hopefully that will go well! I am leading the lesson so keep me in you prayers because I suck at teaching! It's crazy how prepared I felt in the MTC then I got out here and I felt like I knew nothing! 

Saturday- We did a lot of service! We went and helped the lady that said all the f words! I haven't ever been inside her house until then! I thought I was gonna die! There wasn't any clean oxygen in the air, just cat hair and smoke! It sucked! But luckily we were there for like ten minutes so it wasn't to bad! But then we went and helped this lady move in! There was a ton of stuff and the whole ward was there to help so it went by really really quick! But I was helping this guy carry a big dresser in and it was freaking heavy! But as we were walking it in, we were going to set it down for a second because are hands felt like they were breaking, but while he was setting it down he tripped over a rug and the whole thing fell on him!! I was freaking out but he wasn't hurt so now I think it is kinda funny! Then we got our hair cut and went and visited a guy name Paul Maucher!  He is like 90 years old! I think he was here for the first coming... haha just kidding! But he super cool! He can't read anymore so all he does is listen to the scriptures on tape and he is so spiritual! He was telling us how he got to go into a Holy of Holys which blew my mind! But he wants to go on a trip back east to go on a family history extravaganza! Then that night we went and talked to a kid who is like 16 and doesn't know if he wants to go a mission or not and we just talked to him and his family about it which was fun!

Sunday- We had a meeting at 8:00 then were at church until 3:00. I love church, but it is really hard to be there the entire day! But then right after church we had a lesson with a girl named Sarah! She is super awesome and is raising a kid by herself! We read Alma 32 with her and it was a super spiritual lesson! She was crying the whole time and she is progressing very well! If she wanted to get baptized right now she totally could!

Anyways that was my week! I love you guys so much and I miss you guys like crazy! I am so sad I missed Ali and J's wedding but from the pictures it looked like they were super happy and are going to have a great future! Ali you looked so pretty in your dress! I am really bummed I wasn't able to be there! But I love you all! Make sure those grand kids don't forget me! I know that Jesus is our savior and without him we wouldn't be able to return with our heavenly father again! I love this church so much and I can't wait to see what it has in store for us! I love you guys alot and I will talk to you next week! Send me Pics!

Week #8 9-15-14

We didn't get an email from Elder Rogers this week.  He was busy with transfers and didn't get time to email :(

However- I got this sweet email from Sister Harbor & Sister Stirm.

Thank you for sending your missionary to Idaho.  He helped us today teach the 
Wolf Scouts hw to tie a tie.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week #7 9-8-14

Caving on PDay.

Working in the alfalfa field.  Farmer Rogers.

 Moving Sprinklers

FHE on the bridge over the snake river.

Holding another bunny.

So Thursday night we got a call from the mission president saying that there is another elder staying with us for the rest of the transfer!  Thursday night I was teaching a new member lesson to this lady named Sandra! We were teaching her about member missionary work and it was super cool! Words just flow out of my mouth and I say things that I don't even know are true but when they come out it ends up all being true! So basically the spirit was flowin and it was super dope! But That was pretty much it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #6 9-1-14

Beautiful sky after storm!

Aww...cute puppies!

Elder VanWagoner's light saber.

Elder Rogers light saber.

Hey guys this week was pretty slow, but it had a few good highlights!

We had the new missionary meeting where all the greenies and their trainers meet with the president and stuuf and just talk out our feelings! It was like when coach vee made the team sit in a circle and tell each other what we didn't like about them! Anyways, that was fun! 

Then one night it was like 11:00 and we got a call from the zl's about some missionaries who rolled a truck!  I guess their back wheels hit something and they did a front flip and landed upside down! Everyone is safe so it is all good!

Then on Sunday we were sitting in sacrament meeting and I heard someone ask me if I  was okay, so I turned around thinking they were talking to me but they were talking to the guy behind us! I turned around and he was out cold! I thought he was dead at first! I didn't know what to do so luckily there was an EMT in that ward so he saved the guy!

Anyways, that was pretty much my week! Thanks to everyone for the prayers, I can really see them while I am out! I know that through Christ anything is possible and when we are having troubles that we need to turn to him and he will help us out.
-Elder rogers