Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week #34 3-16-15

A little prank on his Zone Leaders!


 Hey Yall! I had a really god week! So really the highlights are Service! We got the whole zone together and  
did service on a bunch of farms! It was great! The first day we cleared this road from a bunch of branches and limbs that they trimmed off the day before! Then the next day we were supposed to dig out this giant tree stump, but when we got there the guy cancelled! But it was okay, because the sisters had another service! So we went there and got to work with horses and burn a Christmas tree and all that good stuff! It was really fun! I love doing service because I get to get outside and work with my hands! It's great! We also cooked a turkey! Haha We found this frozen turkey in our freezer so we decided to cook it!  (mom insert:  I asked him how the turkey turned out, he said "good, the only problem is that neither of us really like turkey- haha)  Me and Elder Boswell are getting along really well and are just a bunch of goobers! So he was showing me a bunch of pictures of pranks he was pulling on other missionaries and it got me into the pranking mood! It was great! I called my zone leaders at like 9:00 at night and was acting sick and asked if they could bring me a Dr. Pepper! It was really funny! Well that is all I got for the week! Love you guys and thanks for everything!

Week #33 3-9-15

Idaho Air Guard!

New Companion Elder Boswell!

Hey guys so this week was really goo! I got my new  Companion and he is great! He is from Alabama and he went to Auburn and has seen Cam Newton in the flesh! DOPE!! HE can shred on the guitar like a mad man and its amazing! He is super funny and we get a long really well! This is going to be a good transfer! I am super excited! Anyways, we are shotgunning the area so it is REALLY REALLY SLOW! SO I don't have any good stories, but I will tell you about a family we met! They are the Jones family and they are a super awesome family! Every Sunday they have something called JFGN! Jones Family Game Night! It is super fun! Well that is all I got this week but I love you guys and love Jesus because he loves you! Love ya!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week #32 3-2-15

Super Awesome new convert.

With his "dad" Elder VanWagoner and "brothers".

Saying good bye to the Haws family.

Saying good bye to the Keller family.  He got transferred to Nampa 33rd Ward

So this week was awesome! Well it was mostly just the weekend, but It was a really really good weekend! So Saturday morning we got transfer calls and I am being transfer ed to the Nampa 33rd ward! My new companions name is Elder Boswell! I have heard really good things about him and I am super stoked! He is a red head so he is helping me get used to the new addition to our family at home! Haha I don't have any pictures with him right now because he isn't getting here until 12:30ish! So if I get a chance to send some I will! We are also "shotgunning" the area! Meaning that neither of us have been there before and we are starting from nothing! So hopefully it will go well!

Then that afternoon we got to hear from my new favorite Apostle, Elder L. Tom Perry! He is such a champ! So he first walked in and I didn't realize how freakin tall he was! He is huge! We all got to shake his hand and it was sooooo nerve racking! I was kinda freaking out! But it was crazy! He looked into my eyes and stared at my soul! I felt like he knows every sin that I committed now! Haha just kidding, but he is a very very powerful man! He gave a super good talk about companions and it was crazy good! Then afterwards he did a Q & A session with us! That was cool, except I drew a blank and I couldn't think of anything to ask him! 

Cool/sad/funny story about Elder Perry! So on New years day he was watching a football game and got up to go get a price of candy! While his back was turned something big happened and when he turned to see what happened he fell and broke six ribs on the table! Haha He is such a champ because he is stinkin 92 years old and he is still flying around doing stuff with six broken ribs! I have a new respect for him now! 

Anyways, I love you guys and I will let you know how the new area is next week! I love you so much and remember that everyone has to change at some point! And now is the time to change for the better! Love you guys!

In another email:  Oh also, I forgot to mention that I had another baptism on Saturday!  That rocked as well.

Week #31 2-23-15

Matt's Baptism!

Hey everyone how is it going?? Things are going good in Nampa! I had a really good week! I really only have two things to talk about! We had Zone Conference on Thursday so I got to see a bunch of my buddies! It was really good! I really enjoy them because I get to see all my buddies and we get a training from Pres. Cannon which is always good! Then my second thing is the Baptism we had on Saturday! If you remember me ever talking about Matt, that is who got baptized! I am so proud of this guy! He is such a champ! He is 21 and he is in the Army and has a wife and a daughter. Me and his daughter are like BFF's!! Don't worry she is like nine months old! Haha I really enjoyed teaching him, because I was able to see him change! Which was really awesome! When we first started teaching him, it was to support his wife and daughter because they are part of the church. But by the time he got baptized he was doing it for himself! I think we can all learn from him, because sometimes we do things for the wrong reasons. But even doing the right thing for wrong reasons will eventually change our hearts and we will be one with God! I love you guys and sorry the E-,ail is so short, but I love you guys and  hope everything is going good!