Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week #33 3-9-15

Idaho Air Guard!

New Companion Elder Boswell!

Hey guys so this week was really goo! I got my new  Companion and he is great! He is from Alabama and he went to Auburn and has seen Cam Newton in the flesh! DOPE!! HE can shred on the guitar like a mad man and its amazing! He is super funny and we get a long really well! This is going to be a good transfer! I am super excited! Anyways, we are shotgunning the area so it is REALLY REALLY SLOW! SO I don't have any good stories, but I will tell you about a family we met! They are the Jones family and they are a super awesome family! Every Sunday they have something called JFGN! Jones Family Game Night! It is super fun! Well that is all I got this week but I love you guys and love Jesus because he loves you! Love ya!

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