Friday, November 28, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week #17 11-17-14

First snow!

Where's Elder Rogers??

Guys, it freaking snowed! I loved every second of it until I had to go outside. Now I hate it! Can you guys send some of the heat this way! But for reals, I hate the cold! I think God sent me to Idaho to punish me because of the cold! Haha Just kidding! But just a few highlights from the week. 

Tuesday we started the New Member lessons with kim and that went good I guess! We showed her the Restoration video and that always brings the spirit! The only problem is that she runs a day care at her house so there were little Ninos running around everywhere! She kinda feels like she already knows everything so it is hard to get her attention when we are reteaching. Plus I have know idea how to teach the new member lessons because I haven't had any experience. And neither does Elder Daniels so it is kinda fun.... Not!   It is soooo awkward, but we are getting better!

Wednesday we went and helped a less active lady around her house! It was really cool because we have begging her to come to church for a while now and she finally came yesterday! And when we were there on Wednesday, she had a friend over and he sat in on the spiritual thought and he seemed interested. But when I invited him to church, he kinda brushed it off so I didn't think anything was gonna happen there! But, She brought him and another friend to church and it was freaking nutz! So Heavenly Father blessed us by reactivating a less active, and giving us two new investigators! He loves me!

Thursday was the snow day! I wasn't feeling to good so we didn't go out and work, but we set up my bike and hungout! It was really nice to be inside during the snow, but it sucks being stuck in the apartment all day! Now I can't even ride my brand new bike because of the snow and it sucks! I was looking forward to it! But that's okay because I got to put some miles on my fresh kicks! 

Friday we had district meeting and it was really good! It is always fun to get all the missionaries together because usually the spirit is super strong or our conversations are really funny! Then we had lunch and a nice snowball fight! Have I mentioned that I hate the snow?? It is freaking cold!

Saturday, nothing big really happened!

Sunday, was really good! We had those two investigators come to church and it was really good! He actually asked me for a copy of one of the talks that a member of the ward gave! It was really funny! But hopefully we can start teaching them.

That's pretty much my week! I miss you guys a lot and the weather! But I know this is where I am supposed to be and I know that Heavenly Father is always blessing me! He is always blessing everyone, even when it seems like he isn't, he is! You just have to watch for his hand in our lives and we can see how he blesses us! 
Love you all!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week #16 11-10-14

Elder Daniels (Riley's companion) & Elder Larsen with Kim.

Hurt his ankle playing soccer.

Hey familia hows it going?? I hope everyone is doing good because I am doing great! This week was a good week! I will give a few quick highlights! So we set a baptismal date with a guy named Axel. He is married to a member so she is a really good influence on him! He is getting baptized on the 22nd so hopefully he will stay with it! Then yesterday, we had a baptism with this lady named kim! She is super awesome and was ready to get baptized when I got here! It was a really good baptism! I was scared that no one was going to come, but there was a full house that night! It was awesome! Then on Friday we had sports night! We brought a less active guy who is struggling right now, but he seemed like he really enjoyed it! Also, we were playing soccer and I wrecked my Ankle! I was kinda ticked because I was out of commission for a day or so! But it's all good now! Still a little tender but I can get around on it!

Well not much happened this week, but it was a good week! I know that baptism is the only way back to Heavenly Father! It is the gate to the the straight and narrow path! And as long as we keep those covenants and do what we are supposed to that Heavenly Father will welcome us back with open arms! I love you guys so much and thanks for all the support! You guys rock! Deuces!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week #15 11-3-14

Hey everyone hows it going?? I hope you are all doing great because I am lovin it!  So I am in a biking area and I kind of hate bikes. So we pretty much walk everywhere! But the one day we were riding our bikes we got stopped by this guy on the street!  He asked why we don't baptize people on probation and why we still teach people in jail. I knew the answer to the probation question, but I totally spaced and couldn't think of an answer so we are gonna go back and talk with him! 

The first person I met when I got here was a lady named Kim! I guess she is Golden and is getting Baptized on Sunday so I have something to look forward too! I don't really know her very well but she seems awesome!

So in my apartment, there is six elders. Enough said! Haha but there are two apartments! The spanish live down stairs, and the four english elders live upstairs! We haven't had too many late nights, because we are usually super tired. But when we do we usually talk and laugh and it's a good time!

I honestly have no idea as to what is going on in the area, but I am trying to figure it out!   I don't really know the members very well, so I think that is going to be our game plan for investigators. I have a weird feelin that the members don't like the missionaries, but I can change that! Anyways, our area is kinda slow and we didn't really teach that many lessons, because I am still getting situated and everything, but that should be changing here shortly!

Anyways, I love the work. Being a missionary is awesome! I have realized that mine and Heavenly Father's relationship has grown a lot! I know that the Atonement is real and that it really does help people change and be forgiven. The Atonement is there for everyone and Heavenly Father enjoys when we access it. I love you guys and hope you are all doing great! 

Mom: No I haven't taken any pics because I don't have a camera. but we are going to Walmart today so we might not have to send one. I can probably just buy one. I did get the boxes, thank you so much! I was starting to freeze!  No I didn't get a bike. I don't know if I will because I hate them! But I might just buy one from walmart, because the one I have sucks big time! As for Christmas, ties and socks are always nice! But crazy socks because they are totally approved! I got a bunch of them when I went winter shopping! Oh also I am going to need a new flashdrive I think I answered all your questions right?? I love you!