Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week #14 10-27-2014

I am in the Caldwell East stake, which is definitely a bigger town then Melba, but isn't the biggest city! My new companion's name is Elder Daniels and he seems like a cool guy! We live in an apartment with two other elders and then there are two elders who live underneath us! Love Ya

Riley said he will miss Elder Christensen (from Gilbert) so much.  
"He's the big brother I never had".

So the highlight of these past two weeks was Aspyns baptism! She was so stoked to be baptized! She was golden, and if you guys would have met her you would think she grew up a member!  Her uncle came form eastern Idaho and baptized her and it was special because he is one of the only strong members in her family! She had tons of support from her friends and family! The whole room was full and it was a really good baptism! Anyways, I will miss Melba! It will always be know as the birthplace of Elder Rogers! I will probably have more pictures next week because Elder Van Wagoner took a bunch of pictures for  me! Anyways, I love you all and you all rock! Love you!
 Aspyn's Baptism

This is Dennis Adams!
He is super awesome! He loves to have the Elders come by his house! We have to go over there and clarify  false doctrine! I don't even know where he gets it from but it is definitely weird! He claims to be a Mormon with a sword so he never takes crap from anyone and is basically an old stubborn cowboy! He is always giving us food and is always looking out for us! He was recently ordained an Elder so he refers to himself as Elder Adams! Good guy, gonna miss him for sure!!

The Bunnels!
Super awesome family and really nice! He is a cop, army helicopter pilot, served his mission in Tijuana Mexico! She is a school teacher and coaches the girls volleyball team! So whenever we go over there we are always chatting about volleyball! Their kids are super awesome and like video games, football, and riding motorcycles! They are a really cool family and are super funny! The dad is just like a teenager and reminds me of myself sometimes! Gonna miss them!!

This is the Christensen family!
Probably one of my favorite families in Melba! He is the Ward mission leader for his ward and is really awesome! He is really knowledgeable too! If we ever had a gospel question, we would just call him up and talk to him! She is a dance teacher and a stay at home mom! Their kids are so funny! They usually would walk out in their underpants then get yelled at! They were really funny! If we ever had a dinner appointment with them then we wouldn't schedule anything else for the night because we would be there the rest of the night! Haha one of a kind family!

This is part of the Cowger family!
They are a really sweet family! They have four boys and one girl! The kid in the middle is about to leave for Lima, Peru on his mission! His sister just got back from the Dominican Republic on Thursday! IT was really cool because she gave her homecoming talk the same day he gave his farewell! So there was a ton of people there! But it was really cool and you could feel the spirit there! He gave a killer talk about a really awesome topic that really touched me. She gave a money talk and shared a bunch of experiences about her mission that were really cool! I hope I will be able to come home with some cool stories! Oh and she looks exactly like him just with long blonde hair!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #13 10-20-14

Elder Rogers didn't send an update this week saying he didn't have time as the computers were all busy with so many missionaries?  Ummm...that's not acceptable son.  However he has promised a really good email next week and we grateful for fun pictures.  

Backyard football

Elder Whitmer from AZ- thug missionaries!

Back of pick up?  Idaho transportation!

Quad Tracting!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week #12 10-13-14

Helping the bishop skin a deer.

Hey guys how's it going?? This week was pretty good! So the area I am in we deal a lot with less active people and so we are visiting them alot of the day. But we also are teaching 4 or five people that aren't members, but are super awesome people! 

So two highlights from this week. First was on Friday! We got to help bishop skin a deer wich was supe fun! But he did it a way I haven't ever seen! He startted skinning the neck a little bit by hand, then he took the loose skin and wrapped it around a rock. Then he tied a rope around the rock and tied the other end to a quad. Then they romped on it and peeled the skin of like a starving monkey with a banana! 

But one day me and my companion were knocking on doors in this ghetto neighborhood and this guy let us in. He was kinda sketchy so we didn't really want to go in, but he was the only one to let us in all day! So  we manned up and started talking to this guy and teaching him and stuff! But Elder VW really had to go to the bathroom so he ask the guy if he can go and the guy was like " Yeah it is down the hall on the left". SO I was talking with this guy about sports and just stuff like that and Like fifteen minutes later I realized that my companion was still in the bathroom. So I told the guy " I am gonna go check on my companion just to make sure everything is alright" So I walked down the hall and my comp was gone and I started freaking out! The window was open so I thought he had climbed  out the window so I stuck my head out the window and he was standing there and he was like " We need to get the freak out of here. Look behind you" And in the room across the hall there was some messed up stuff! There was blood on the floor and like garbage backs full of what looked like it could be a body. So I start climbing out the window and I hear the guy start running down the hall and as I am climbing out the guy grabs my leg and is like pulling my leg and stuff just like I am pulling yours right now! 
 Haha I am really funny! 
Anyways, I know Jesus loves everyone and I know that his Atoning sacrifice covers everyone! I love ou guys and miss you all so much! Loves
-Elder Rogers

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week #11 10-6-14

With Elder Christensen from Gilbert (above) & Elder Hulet his MTC companion (below) watching the MEET THE MORMONS movie.

Hey everyone!
This week was awesome! Tuesday we all got together and watched Meet The Mormons! It was awesome! Everyone and their mom should go see it! We also got a new investigator and her name is Shirley. I don't know if I have talked about her yet, but she is an awesome lady. She has stuff going on in her life and the gospel would probably fix them all. So hopefully all goes well! Then on Wednesday, we had a super awesome lady, Sis. Jensen, bring us lunch from Nampa and it was really good! Then there was General Conference this past weekend! Let me tell you, it is way better when you are a missionary! Either that or it's just because I was paying attention!  Haha I really liked Elder Bednar's talk. I think if everyone in the world would go watch it then the missionaries wouldn't be getting the door slammed in their face as much! The priesthood session was awesome! I really liked Quentin L. Cook's talk. I can't tell you what I liked about it because I don't have my notes with me, but I know i liked it! Haha

Anyways, that was pretty much my week! But I know that the church is true and that the Atonement's cleansing power is infinite and it can truly help people in their lives! I love this gospel so much and I wish I could just force it on people because everyone needs it. But I am also grateful for our agency and the ability we have to act for ourselves. I love Jesus Christ and I know that he lives.

Love for everyone!
Elder Rogers

Week #10 9-29-14

Buckin Hay!

IH Tractor- GPa Rogers is watching over him!

JR's Baptism!

Apple Picking!

Monday- was a good day. I got to talk to everyone and it was awesome. That day we had  a lesson with Aspen about the plan of salvation and it went really well. She is stilll planning on getting baptized on Oct. 18 so I a stoked!

Tuesday- We had a lesson with Chuck and he asked us bout Grace v. Works. We tried to explain to him how we believe in both, but it didn't really go over well. So we are hopefully going to see him this week and get that cleared up. 

Wednesday- Was a slow day, nothing really happened. Except we went and taught the cub scouts how to tie ties! 

Thursday- Was extra slow and it was one of those days where I wanted to die! Painfully slow!

Friday- Was a good day. We had district meeting which was super solid. Then we went to lunch. We had Idaho Mexican food. Let me tell you, nothing beats Arizona Mexican food.  But I did have a really funny experience. So I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I was running to the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom and while I am peeing, I realize that there was no urinals in the bathroom. I thought that was weird but I didn't really think anything of it. Then I looked over and there was a little box on the wall which I believe, not sure if this is the truth, but I think they are for feminine products. So I started freaking out because I realized I was in the women's restroom. Luckily no one came in so I got away safe and sound. But the district got a good laugh out of it!

Saturday- Was a good day. We woke up and had to move a lady from Melba to Nampa. She is an old cat lady so it was probably the worst thing I have ever done on my mission. The bishop's son threw up because he a had a legitament hair ball in his mouth. It was really funny but freakin nasty! Then we got to go to Caldwell for this baptism. We found him out in  Melba and started teaching him, but then we found out he lived in Caldwell so we had to turn him over to the Elders there. He wsa a Golden investigator so we weren't worried. Then afterwards they took us to golden coral.

Sunday- was crazy. So we had a homeless lady come in to church. She turned out to be a drug addict/wanted criminal. So that was fun. Then we had two homecomings in one ward so there was a  load of people that came and we had like three investigatores there so we were really busy! It ended up being a good day though!