Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week #10 9-29-14

Buckin Hay!

IH Tractor- GPa Rogers is watching over him!

JR's Baptism!

Apple Picking!

Monday- was a good day. I got to talk to everyone and it was awesome. That day we had  a lesson with Aspen about the plan of salvation and it went really well. She is stilll planning on getting baptized on Oct. 18 so I a stoked!

Tuesday- We had a lesson with Chuck and he asked us bout Grace v. Works. We tried to explain to him how we believe in both, but it didn't really go over well. So we are hopefully going to see him this week and get that cleared up. 

Wednesday- Was a slow day, nothing really happened. Except we went and taught the cub scouts how to tie ties! 

Thursday- Was extra slow and it was one of those days where I wanted to die! Painfully slow!

Friday- Was a good day. We had district meeting which was super solid. Then we went to lunch. We had Idaho Mexican food. Let me tell you, nothing beats Arizona Mexican food.  But I did have a really funny experience. So I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I was running to the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom and while I am peeing, I realize that there was no urinals in the bathroom. I thought that was weird but I didn't really think anything of it. Then I looked over and there was a little box on the wall which I believe, not sure if this is the truth, but I think they are for feminine products. So I started freaking out because I realized I was in the women's restroom. Luckily no one came in so I got away safe and sound. But the district got a good laugh out of it!

Saturday- Was a good day. We woke up and had to move a lady from Melba to Nampa. She is an old cat lady so it was probably the worst thing I have ever done on my mission. The bishop's son threw up because he a had a legitament hair ball in his mouth. It was really funny but freakin nasty! Then we got to go to Caldwell for this baptism. We found him out in  Melba and started teaching him, but then we found out he lived in Caldwell so we had to turn him over to the Elders there. He wsa a Golden investigator so we weren't worried. Then afterwards they took us to golden coral.

Sunday- was crazy. So we had a homeless lady come in to church. She turned out to be a drug addict/wanted criminal. So that was fun. Then we had two homecomings in one ward so there was a  load of people that came and we had like three investigatores there so we were really busy! It ended up being a good day though!

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