Monday, August 24, 2015

Week #57 8-24-15

Mia & her sister got baptized!

Hey everyone hows it going?? Well Nampa is great! The weather has been kinda warm during the day, but the evenings are amazing! Boy have I missed my bike! I am constantly dripping in sweat and leaving butt prints on peoples couches because I am so sweaty! It is great! So we are covering two wards and its awesome! One of our wards, 10th ward, is awesome! They have like a 92% activity rate, which is insane! It is the most active ward in the mission! It's basically the city of Enoch! haha

Well not much happened this week, we are just trying to wrap our heads around everything that is going on in our area! Monday and tuesday, we taught a little girl named Mia who is ten and got baptized on saturday! It was the most stressful baptism of my life! We had to get the baptismal program ready and I had to conduct and we didn't know if the dad was going to confirm or not! It was just crazy because we didn't really know what was going on! It all  turned out great in the end though because they got dunked and confirmed and now they are the newest members of the ward! Oh yeah, her 8 year old sister got baptized with her! It was awesome! 

Spiritual thought:

 33 And now, as I said unto you before, as ye have had so many witnesses, therefore, I beseech of you that ye do not procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end; for after this day of life, which is given us to prepare for eternity, behold, if we do not improve our time while in this life, then cometh the night of darkness wherein there can be no labor performed.

 So I really love this verse! Especially the part that talks about Procrastinating the day of your repentance. I remember when we were on the Trek, Bro O gave me a huge rock and said I had to carry it the rest of the way, and if I wanted to get rid of it, then I had to talk to bishop! SO me being the prideful teenager, I was ready to carry it to my grave! Mainly to show of to the girls and show off my muscles! So I went for about and hour until I got sick of it so I went to bishop and asked if I could get rid of it! He asked why I didn't come right away, and I gave him some lame answer, but he then proceeded to tell me that this rock represented my sins. And when we sin, we have to carry a burden around with us. So it just makes it harder on us when we don't repent right away. So my challenge is to repent as soon as you recognize that you sinned, it may be hard, and it may humble you.But it is worth it in the end! 

Love you guys!

Week #56 8-17-15

Last District Meeting in Emmett.  Got transferred to Nampa!

Maralee got baptized.

Hey everyone how is it going? I have had a pretty good week! On Saturday we got the transfer calls, and me and Elder Hall thought we were going to stay together! But, I got transferred to Nampa which I am still okay with! I love Nampa! It should be a good transfer! Our area is like three square miles, so it is tiny!  But one of our wards is the most active ward in the whole mission! so that is pretty cool! I am pretty excited! 

So not much happened this week, but it was a good finish in Emmett! Maralee got baptized and it was really cool! She had her whole family there... aunts, uncles and all! It was great! Especially since most of them aren't very active, and some aren't members! It was really good! The spirit was really strong! She is such a funny little girl! After she got baptized she started swimming around in the baptismal font! It was hilarious! haha but that is really all that happened this week! 

Spiritual thought: 

 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Nephi has so much faith it is ridiculous! He is such an example to all of us because he puts all of his trust in the Lord! This is an attribute we should all strive to develop! Even when things seem crazy and possibly even life threatening, we still need to trust in the Lord! He has our back! When we get to the edge, we have to jump. Heavenly Father will either teach us how to pick ourselves up after we fall, or he will teach us to fly! Love you guys! Thanks for everything! 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Week #55 8-10-15

Hey every one how are you doing? I am doing great! This week was really slow but there were some productive parts! 

On Monday at dinner we met a guy named Ed. He was really cool, but he isn't a member and we taught him the first lesson while we were eating. It was the first time I have ever taught while I was eating, it was really weird! And I didn't eat as much as I wanted haha! Anyways, it was a really cool lesson and the spirit was really strong. We basically taught him something out of every lesson and he was so receptive! It was great! He was going through a divorce and was just going through a rough time. But Elder Hall felt prompted to have him fast. So we taught him about fasting and he said he was gonna do it. Then I asked him if he would like a blessing before he goes to court and he said yes. So we went back on Wednesday and gave him a blessing. He told us about how he fasted and was really seeking for Heavenly Father's help, and it was just really awesome. Anyways, we haven't seen him since, but the members he was living with said that his wife dropped the restraining order and the divorce and they are living together again! So moral of the story is Fasting works! 

The other big thing that happened is that we finished all the lessons with Maralee and everything is set for her baptism on Saturday! Super stoked!

Well that is all I got for this week, but I hope you all have a good week! Love you and thanks for the support!

Week #54 8-3-15


HEy how is everyone doing? I am doing good! I had a slow week except for two cool experiences! 

Little background info, some may remember this story! But this is it!  

So when we got there the second we knocked on the door he remembered that they ah moved and they didn't live there anymore. So we had a really awkward encounter with this kid who answered the door so we kinda just left. We went from there to another house, I couldn't tell you a thing about the next house because my mind was preoccupied with the kid who answered the door. So when we left I felt really prompted to go visit that kid again so we did! As we were driving there I was prompted to have Bro. Bucannon stay in the car while me and Elder Boswell went up, but when we pulled up he kinda volunteered to stay in the car. I was happy, because I didn't want him to feel bad! So we went up and knocked on the door and the same kid answered and I was just straight up with him. I said something along the lines of " So I felt like we should come back and see if you were interested in learning more about our church." And his reply was " Sure"!!!! I was shocked by his reply so we kept talking to him and found out that his dad is a less active and that he has read the BOM before. SO we gave him another one and then we also found out that me and him have the same birthday! It was like it was meant to be! Hahah It was pretty legit! Once we got back in the car I remembered something really really cool! In my prayer before we left I asked Heavenly Father to help us find someone new to teach! I don't know where that came from when I said it, but I did! 

So anyways, nothing really happened after we met with him the first time, but that's where it gets interesting! Me and Elder Hall were at Sonic for happy hour and guess who brought us our drinks! This kid Hunter did! When I saw him I couldn't figure out who he was so I asked him and he reminded me! I was freaking out! So I gave him our number and said if he was ever interested, to give us a call! So the ball is in court. But moral of the story is that there is no such thing as coincidences, only blessings! I love it!

Then on Sunday, we had a lesson with Maralee, and we set a date for her to get baptized! She is getting baptized on the 15th and I am super stoked! It is gonna be amazing! Well I hope everyone has a good week and be who you remember and stand on it.... I think that's how it goes! Love ya! 

Week #53 7-27-15

With the Haws Family!

Dave  & Ann Bean took a package of goodies to him on their way to Canada!

Dave giving him a hug from his mamma!

With Elder Hall his companion!

View of Emmett Idaho!

Email  Hey everyone! So this week I officially have hit my year mark! Great day! Thanks to everyone who wrote and sent packages and stuff! Thanks for all the support! Ya'll rock!

Wednesday- Nothing really happened Wednesday, except we met a crazy dude! We were sitting in the car and he walks up too the window and tells me to roll it down, so I did! He asked me what it takes to get into Heaven. My answer was " The first thing we need to do is to have Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ!" And he says " I totally agree with you, but if someone were to ask me that question I would say, It's all about the Blood! The Way we get back is in our blood!" Haha funny stuff!

Sunday- We went to the Willis's house and talked to them about their neighbor! They said she has come to church before and liked it! So we are going to have dinner with the Willis's and their friends on Sunday! They are making pepperoncini sandwiches so that should be good! I am hoping and praying things work out with their friends! Keep them in your prayers!

Well I love you guys and hope you all have a good week! Dueces!