Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #52 HALF WAY 7-20-15!

Cool bridge-  glad he didn't jump!

Service at the Burks!

Hey everyone how is it going?? So this week is a pretty special week because of the 23! The 23 is probably going to be the greatest day known to man, excluding the Birth of Christ! Why so special you ask? Well let me tell ya! First off it is my favorite sisters Birthday that day! Just kidding, I don't have a favorite! They are all my favorite! Second, I will officially be out for 1 Year. And finally and most importantly, it is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I can't wait! 

Tueasday- We had a really good day! We Helped Sister Burk (the lady we live with) with some service at her house. They own the house next door to them and were letting people live there under the condition that they keep it clean as they found it. They didn't charge them rent or anything, but they completely trashed the place! So we got ten missionaries and went and cleaned it out a little! We had to take out a China cabinet that was attached to the wall! That was fun! We went Ham! 

Wednesday- Just me and Elder Hall helped Brother Burk take all the trash from the service the day before to the dump! That was fun! Then we went out and got rejected the rest os the day so it was pretty fun! haha

Thursday- We went and visited Bob and Rosie, I love those two! Every time we go over there they ask us how "Recruiting" is going! haha they are great! He says that he is going to see me knocking on his door in Heaven trying to recruit him up there! haha Then later that night we played Ultimate Frisbee with the youth! We do it every week because our youth are really good at finding us people to teach!

Friday- we taught Maralee the Plan of Salvation! She is Golden. That is all I gotta say about her! Then that night we went and saw T! He is out of Jail now and I think it was a blessing for him! Because now he has stopped smoking and can get baptized once he pays off the fine! I hope I am still here for that! He is a really good guy! but that night we helped him move one of his dead goats into the back of the truck and it was disgusting! Some of the Death juice got on T and he was gagging hard core! It reminded me of Carlee! HAHAH

Saturday- was a fun day! We did service again and I was chopping wood for three hours straight! I was exhausted! But there was also a car show in Emmett that was going on so there were some sweet cars rolling around! I wanted to go to it, but when we got there they had all already left so it was a bummer! Then that night we watched Meet the Mormons with the youth in the stake, because they are the best missionaries out here! 

Sunday- Nothing really happened Sunday, it was a slow day! 

Love you guys! Have a good week! 2 Nephi 9:34!! Also, excuse the Profanity

Week #51 7-13-15

District Meeting


So this week with Elder Hall has been awesome! He is such a good guy and we get along really well! I love him! This transfer is going to be a good one!

Tuesday- So Tuesday was an okay day! We tried a lot of people, but a lot of them didn't answer or didn't have time to talk to us. We got in with a less active family who is super cool! She likes feeding us and it is really awesome! She went to culinary school so she is bomb! Then after that we went and visited this old less active guy who uses his sickness as a crutch for not coming! haha but he reads the ensign each month and watches general conference and is really up to date on church news so he is pretty cool!

Wednesday- was  a really good day! We went out with a member and visited four or five people! Then that night we went out with the WML and went and visited a couple of people. One of them being a nine year old girl whose name is Maralee who wants to get BAPTIZED!!! So that was cool! Funny story, so Wednesday morning we were leaving and I couldn't find the card that allows me to sign into the black box on the car! Usually I just leave it in the side pocket of the car, but I couldn't find it! So we back tracked our entire day! We drove around for like an hour and a half looking for it! But the last house we checked, Elder Hall found it in the side pocket of the door! I was so mad! That is my funny story!

Thursday- Another day of a lot of people not being home! We visited this recent convert who has been struggling with smoking. When we got there the first thing she told us was that she got Smoking patches and was freaking out about it so hopefully that will go good! Her name is Shelly so keep her in your prayers! Then we had sports night with the youth that night! We played ultimate Frisbee and it was really funny! We got eaten alive by Mosquitos! It was awesome!

Friday- We had zone meeting and it was really boring! Missionary meetings are either really fun or there are gosh awful! This one happened to be gosh awful! haha That was all that happened on friday!

Saturday- Elder Hall was sick:(

Sunday- We had our first lesson with Maralee and it was really cool! We were asking her questions and she knew all the answers! I guess she has sat in on the lessons like three times so she has them down! She is really smart when it comes to the gospel for a nine year old! And it was really easy to teach her! 

Anyways, that is all I got! Love you guys! So does God!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #50 7-6-15

Happy 4th Of July!!

Making wooden pens!

He loves to visit this home.  They have about 5 Weimaraner dogs.  
This one looks just like Daisy!  We miss her so much.

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a good week! I know I did! SO biggest news of the week is that I am staying in Emmett! Unfortunately I don't get to serve with Elder Payne, but Fortunately I get to serve with Elder Hall! He is from Snowflake AZ and is a really cool guy! He has been in the same area in Caldwell his whole mission which is 7.5 months! He is the oldest of five so hopefully he can put up with my PMSing that my sisters have forced upon me! haha jk I am really excited because I think we will get along really well and have a great time! 

It was sad to see Elder Payne leave, but he was ready to get out of the area! He got transferred to Marcing, which is right next to Melba and probably the biggest area in the mission! SO I think he will have fun!

So the only news in the area is that our most progressing investigator was put into jail last week. He has been in prison before and got out and was on probation. The reason he went back into jail is because he didn't have the money to pay a fine. So I think they are going to sell all their goats and stuff to get it paid for so keep them in your prayers please! But thing I love about the situation is his wife. We got a text from her about it, and she seemed pretty down. So we went to go visit her and she is such and awesome lady! Pretty much all she said is that people are in worse situations so she has no room to feel bad for herself! And she said that there is always worse that could happen so she is happy that it isn't too serious! I wish we could all have that look out on life! Haha I know I definitely have room to work on it! 
Well I love you guys and thanks for everything! 

Week #49 6-29-15

Shayla's Baptism

Good Missionary Service!

Hey fam hows it going? So this week was pretty good! We did a lot of service again and it was as hot as AZ! It rocked! I don't know what it is about sweating out side, but it was definitely amazing! It makes me miss the heat in AZ! Wow I never thought I would say that!! Dang I I think I am going crazy! haha

So now that I am looking back on the week it was really slow actually. All the visits we made were door step visits and was not a very productive week! We met with one of our investigators named Troy. His daughter gets home form her mission on the ninth so he is really excited for that! But he has had a baptismal date for a while but has been waiting for his daughter to get home. The only problem is he has a really bad smoking problem that he is trying to get through but not making any progress! So we are hoping that Heavenly Father will make something happen with him and help out! But he is really funny because he is this really hard tough guy but when we went over on Friday he was watching this T.V. show called Heartland! It is this chick flick about horses and its a Canadian tv show so we know that it is terrible already! But he watched like three episodes while we were there and we were trying to talk to him, but he wouldn't give up the show! It was really funny! Haha 

I totally forgot about this, but I got to go back to Nampa for a baptism! It was For the little girl me and Boswell were teaching, her name is Shayla and she is ten and is the cutest little girl ever! Haha it was a really good baptism, there were a lit of missionaries! 

Well that is all I got this week, sorry guys! Love you have fun at the lake!  

Week #48 6-22-15

Elder Payne and Elder Rogers at the Sonic drive-thru!


The sign says K&S Distributing.  
He was so excited because this was our name for our Gold Canyon business when we started.

Hey how is everyone doing? This week flew by! Just like the rest of this transfer. It is so weird that we are on week five! Going super fast! 

So this week we went to go visit a lady that we haven't visited in a while, but when we got there some guy was outside working! So we started talking to him and we instantly realized that he was drunk! He asked us if wee wanted to take one of his puppies home and we said no. Then he said that they were Latter Day Saint puppies so we had to take one! Haha jk but it was really funny! THen we read a little out of the Book of Mormon with him and he was freaking out because it was too deep and scary, but all we read was a couple verses about faith!

I don't know if I have told you guys about Prolife, but he came to church this Sunday and knows more about the Book of Mormon than I do and he is really funny! 

Well that's all I got for this week Love you guys!

Week #47 6-15-15

After District Meeting!

With Companion Elder Payne.

Elder Payne & Elder Rogers eating dinner at the Malone's house in Emmett.

They must be holding a gun to Riley because he's holding Mountain View Toro attire.

Hey everyone hows it going? So this week was really good! We did a crap ton of service and I am exhausted! On Thursday we went to Sister Lloyd, a nonmembers who feeds us every other week, and we pulled weeds in her garden because she had a bunch of them and it was getting out of control! But she is really cool and she enjoys having us over. Her and her husband aren't interested and in taking the discussions or the church at all so we are just trying to be their friends! But I feel like they are slowly getting there and I hope that I will be around long enough to teach them! 

On Wednesday we did service all day long! We were helping a family, who is moving to Denver, unload their storage unit and it was surprisingly really fun! So normally the only reason missionaries are asked to help someone move is because it is a last minute thing and everything is Chaotic. So I really hate moving people because nothing is planned out and it is just a big mess and everyone watches the missionaries do all the work for them! But this move was great because they had everything planned and they were actually helping with the move! It was really smooth! The only reason it took us all day long was because they lost the key to the Uhaul so we spent like an hour or two waiting for a new key! but that is okay because we got free pizza out of it! Haha So then that night we had dinner with Bob, who is also not a member and he is just a great guy! He is Catholic and is super funny! I told you about him last week, but I really like him!

So one of the nights this week I had a dream about Elder Boswell and it was really weird! It was a sixteen year old Boswell and I was chasing him around Highland High! Crazy, but on Friday we had district meeting and it was really good! Then after we had a district service and helped with the community garden! Then we went on splits with a member in our ward! This guy is super smart and is a really good teacher! We took him to this guy named Rack (I don't remember if I told you about him yet) who is really cool! Just a very humble guy who believes in the bible, and isn't really liking J smith too much! But we can change that. Anyways, we gave him a plan of Salvation pamphlet last week and we followed up on it. He was skeptical about the three degrees of Glory so we showed him in the book of 1Corinthians where it talks about them and he was super cool about it! It was great how receptive and understanding he was! Love it! 

Anyways, that is all i got and i hope you are all doing good! Love ya!