Monday, May 25, 2015

Week #44 5-25-15

Saying good-bye to Elder Boswell & members in Nampa!

New companion, Elder Payne from New Mexico!

Hey yall, So I got transferred to Emmett this week and I am really excited! I have been in Nampa the last six months! Terrain wise it is like Melba, but not so Farmy! hah new word! Anyways, my new companion is Elder Payne, and he is super cool! He is from New Mexico, and he is just cool! He has five sisters.... and three brothers. He says our ward is pretty cool so I am really excited! I will let you know more next week!

So this week was Elder Boswell's last week I miss him already! He is gonna be really successful someday and kill it! When he gets really big in the music industry, he said I could be his Agent! So I am gonna be makin millions when he gets big! Can't wait! Haha I am thankful for the oppurtunity I had to serve with him! He really taught me a lot! Love that guy! 

Well all we did this week was go visit families in his previous areas, so nothing to report on! 
Love you guys! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #43 5-18-15

Austin's Baptism

Colon Cleanse?  Crazy Missionaries!

HEy everyone! SO this week has been really good! mainly because Austin Finally got baptized! IT was such an awesome baptism! First off we had hotdogs as refreshments! And that was awesome! And the spirit was just super strong! So last week, Elder Van Wagoner did a colon cleanse and lost like 10 pounds! So of course me and Boswell did it, but iit was probably the worst idea! I only lost two pounds. I am mad! So funny story, We have an investigator whose name is DJ, and he is a really nice guy! So he is pretty much ready to get baptized, the only thing holding him back is he is scared his grandparents (who are in the spirit world) will be upset about him changing sides! So we committed him to go to the Lutheran church to feel the difference, so hopefully that will help! Well other then that there aren't really any highlights! But remember what Nephi says in 1 Nephi 4:6! Follow the spirit!

 Love yall!


Always a great time when these siblings get together.  Even through Skype!
Great Mother's Day Call!

This is Mother's Day Bliss!
Elder Rogers is doing great!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week #41 5-4-15

Love getting pictures from members.  Thank you Carolee for feeding these awesome missionaries.

Elder renamed this dog "Bob Marley".

Elders serving by moving wood with Chester the dog.

SO this week was really good! Only a few updates really since I will get to talk to you next week!!! SO WE got a car! Which is freaking awesome! It is a brand new Toyota Corolla and when we got it it had 5 miles on it! We are thinking of naming it Roswell! It makes me happy every time I look out the window in our apartment and there is a car out front! Great sight to see! We only get like three hundred miles on it so we can't use it that much. We will be biking most days still, but it will be good for like two days a week! Also, me and Elder Boswell have been going hard in the paint this week! We busted out like 20 lessons, which is really good for shotgunning two areas in a row! It feels good to get that accomplished! Oh and we did service for this guy in our ward. He is collecting a bnuch of scrap wood and he is turning it into charcoal! SO we moved a load of wood into his back yard and the pile of wood was like three cars stacked on top of each other! IT was awesome! But the cool part was his Dog! His name is Chester, but I called him Bob! He is great! Well that is all I got! Love you guys sand I cant wait for next week! Love ya!

Week #40 4-27-15

A bunch of awesome missionaries!  Nampa Idaho!

Wanna be - jam session!

Hey everybody! So This week was a really good week! On Wednesday we went on splits and I hada  lesson with one of our investigators in the 21st ward, our new ward. His name is DJ and he is a realy cool guy! We went in planning on teaching him about tithing and fast offerings and stuff like that! But all we talked about were things he had questions about. One of them was he was worried about his grandparents rolling over in their grave, because they raised him Lutheran! But one thing that I learned on my mission that I was able to share with him is that we are aloud to make our own decisions! Some times we will do things in support of our family, but what it really comes down to is ourselves. God gave us agency to make decisions for our selves and not anyone else! SO My advice for everyone is to listen to the spirit and your heart! THen on Saturday, we were invited to help with the youth conference. They did a big service projeect, cleaning up an elementary school! THat was fun.. all the other missionaries fel really weird because they are " so much older" then all the youth, but I felt right at home becasue that was me 9 month ago! HAha Also, one of the days this week, I can't remeber which, but we went ot a less active members house and him and Elser Boswell were going off on the guitar! IT was insane! But those were the highlights of my week!

Scripture of the week! 
 For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

Well you will get out of it what you put in! Everyone do your best in everything you do and work hard! Love ya!! Hope yall have a good week!