Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week #1- 7-26-14

7-23-14  GOOD BYE FOR 2 YEARS.

Elder Rogersntered the MTC on July 23rd, 2014.

This is the first email we received from him on July 26th!

So today is only my fourth day here and I'm lovin it. Me and my companion get along really well. His name is Elder Hulet and he is from Vernal Utah. Pretty much everyone here is from Utah. I got to see my friend Matt Lant who was in my physics class. That was cool, and other than him i know nobody else.

 So day one was pretty crazy. After  i got settled into my room we had orientation which was pretty cool. We got to hear from the MTC presidency. Then we had dinner and went back to our district classroom and just studied. Wow. I have never study anything so long in my life. I have studied more here then i have in the past three years. Its awesome though. The spirit here is so strong and its amazing. 

Day two was rough. We had to get up early and go right into studying for three hours. Its a hard change but i think I'm starting to like it. Then they keep us in the classrooms teaching us ALL day long. We did not have gym time so it was really rough having to sit there all day. But then we got to meet with the branch presidency which was really cool. We talked alot about the Doctorine of Christ. And I am starting to realize why im out here because of it.THen after the discussion they gave us all assignments and me and Elder hulet were made Zone leaders. 

Then on day three we woke up a little earllier just so we had more time to get ready and stuff but we locked ourselves out of our room. Haha kinda funny! But the day was pretty much the same but we got gym time and it was fun. THere are some crazy tongan kids who don't even play and they are better than me. 

Well thats pretty much it I just want you guys to know how much i love you and thankyou for all the support you guys have given me.

Riley getting set apart as a missionary.