Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week #12 10-13-14

Helping the bishop skin a deer.

Hey guys how's it going?? This week was pretty good! So the area I am in we deal a lot with less active people and so we are visiting them alot of the day. But we also are teaching 4 or five people that aren't members, but are super awesome people! 

So two highlights from this week. First was on Friday! We got to help bishop skin a deer wich was supe fun! But he did it a way I haven't ever seen! He startted skinning the neck a little bit by hand, then he took the loose skin and wrapped it around a rock. Then he tied a rope around the rock and tied the other end to a quad. Then they romped on it and peeled the skin of like a starving monkey with a banana! 

But one day me and my companion were knocking on doors in this ghetto neighborhood and this guy let us in. He was kinda sketchy so we didn't really want to go in, but he was the only one to let us in all day! So  we manned up and started talking to this guy and teaching him and stuff! But Elder VW really had to go to the bathroom so he ask the guy if he can go and the guy was like " Yeah it is down the hall on the left". SO I was talking with this guy about sports and just stuff like that and Like fifteen minutes later I realized that my companion was still in the bathroom. So I told the guy " I am gonna go check on my companion just to make sure everything is alright" So I walked down the hall and my comp was gone and I started freaking out! The window was open so I thought he had climbed  out the window so I stuck my head out the window and he was standing there and he was like " We need to get the freak out of here. Look behind you" And in the room across the hall there was some messed up stuff! There was blood on the floor and like garbage backs full of what looked like it could be a body. So I start climbing out the window and I hear the guy start running down the hall and as I am climbing out the guy grabs my leg and is like pulling my leg and stuff just like I am pulling yours right now! 
 Haha I am really funny! 
Anyways, I know Jesus loves everyone and I know that his Atoning sacrifice covers everyone! I love ou guys and miss you all so much! Loves
-Elder Rogers

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