Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week #34 3-16-15

A little prank on his Zone Leaders!


 Hey Yall! I had a really god week! So really the highlights are Service! We got the whole zone together and  
did service on a bunch of farms! It was great! The first day we cleared this road from a bunch of branches and limbs that they trimmed off the day before! Then the next day we were supposed to dig out this giant tree stump, but when we got there the guy cancelled! But it was okay, because the sisters had another service! So we went there and got to work with horses and burn a Christmas tree and all that good stuff! It was really fun! I love doing service because I get to get outside and work with my hands! It's great! We also cooked a turkey! Haha We found this frozen turkey in our freezer so we decided to cook it!  (mom insert:  I asked him how the turkey turned out, he said "good, the only problem is that neither of us really like turkey- haha)  Me and Elder Boswell are getting along really well and are just a bunch of goobers! So he was showing me a bunch of pictures of pranks he was pulling on other missionaries and it got me into the pranking mood! It was great! I called my zone leaders at like 9:00 at night and was acting sick and asked if they could bring me a Dr. Pepper! It was really funny! Well that is all I got for the week! Love you guys and thanks for everything!

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