Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #35 3-23-15

Hey everyone how is it going?? I had a really good week! Slow, but it was very powerful! SO I will share one experience with you, about one of our investigators! His name is Austin and he is one of the coolest guys I have ever met! I love him! So his back story is he moved up here a couple months ago to come get his kids out of foster care because the mom put them there instead of telling him. He thought he was only gonna be here for two days, but ended up staying for a little longer. SO we have been teaching him and we know he is golden just from the first time we met with him! SO the first lesson we taught the plan of salvation and he is the only investigator who had a notebook and was taking notes during our lesson! It rocked! So we had a really good lesson with him and set up an appointment for the following Monday. When he came to pick us up, he told us how he read a little bit from the Book of Mormon and we were stoked! We asked him what he read and he told us that he was up until 4:30 one morning and had read for about three hours!! He read the entire book of Enos and the entire book of Mormon! IT was awesome! And without even looking at the Book of Mormon, he was telling us about what he liked and what stood out to him! So after this happened we came to the conclusion that he is definitely getting baptized! So then the following Sunday at church we were in Gospel principles, and it was a really boring lesson, haha but the guy teaching bore his testimony and then asked if anyone else waned to bear their testimony. After a couple minutes of silence the teacher looked at Austin and asked why he was here. I was really mad when he did this because I didn't want Austin to be put on the spot! But, Austin took it like a champ! He bore his testimony and is was such a strong testimony! Stronger than some of the members in that room and it was amazing! This guy just keeps getting better! Then, oh it's not over yet, in opening exercises of Priesthood, they asked for some volunteers to help this guy move out of our ward! And Austin was the second hand up! He made me so happy! So after church, me and Elder Boswell changed our conclusion about him before. We now think he has been an active member his whole life and is just messing with us! Haha 

Well that is pretty much my week, I love you all and hope you are having a great week and thanks for all the support and letter! Love you guys! 

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