Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #39 4-20-15

Sister Linda Jensen spoiled Elder Rogers with an early birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Then she insisted on buying them groceries.  She is a gem.

With Elder Rosen

A few birthday goodies.

Sharing his birthday toys with the kids.

SO this week was really awesome! I can really only remember one story that made it awesome, but It was a good one so here I go!

SO On Wednesday, we went out with our new Ward Mission Leader, Bro Bucannon, to go visit some people! SO we went and visited these two old guys who were both going through losing a loved one, but they were reacting exactly the opposite of each other! One was turning to Alcohol and he was really angry and hard hearted and just not very happy at all!  Like when we first got there we walked inside his house and I felt like the spirit stopped at the door step and waited outside while we went in! Haha But the other guy is a champ! He turned to the Lord for help and went to the Temple with a question in his heart and was looking for peace, and that is exactly what he got! He is such a good guy and you can tell the difference between the two, because the temple guy was so much happier and was already moving on and just had a lot of hope! Morale of the story is turn to Jesus not booze, because your life will be ten times better!

After we left their trailer park, Bro Bucannon wanted to go visit these people in our ward who are completely active. So when we got there the second we knocked on the door he remembered that they ah moved and they didn't live there anymore. So we had a really awkward encounter with this kid who answered the door so we kinda just left. We went from there to another house, I couldn't tell you a thing about the next house because my mind was preoccupied with the kid who answered the door. So when we left I felt really prompted to go visit that kid again so we did! As we were driving there I was prompted to have Bro. Bucannon stay in the car while me and Elder Boswell went up, but when we pulled up he kinda volunteered to stay in the car. I was happy, because I didn't want him to feel bad! So we went up and knocked on the door and the same kid answered and I was just straight up with him. I said something along the lines of " So I felt like we should come back and see if you were interested in learning more about our church." And his reply was " Sure"!!!! I was shocked by his reply so we kept talking to him and found out that his dad is a less active and that he has read the BOM before. SO we gave him another one and then we also found out that me and him have the same birthday! It was like it was meant to be! Hahah It was pretty legit! Once we got back in the car I remembered something really really cool! In my prayer before we left I asked Heavenly Father to help us find someone new to teach! I don't know where that came from when I said it, but I did! So I want everyone to know that Heavenly Father answers prayers no matter what! Some times they happen immediately and sometimes they take time, but he will always answer them! Never forget that! I love you guys! Thanks for all the bday wishes and support! 
Love you guys!!

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