Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #38 4-13-15

Hey everybody! How is everyone doing? So this week was really good I guess! Transfer week is always really tough because you really don't have very much motivation to do anything! Ha ha but we did do work! So we got the transfer call on Saturday and like we expected, we are both staying in the area! But, to our surprise, we got a second ward that the sisters used to cover! So that will be exciting! I think it will be good because the work was starting to slow down a little bit. SO now we have a second ward to work with that will be able to fill in the slow spots! The only bad part is that the new area is freaking huge so we are hoping we are getting a car! Oh also, Elder Van Wagoner, my trainer, is going to be my new district leader so I get to be around him a lot! That's super exciting! Other than that, there really isn't any big news going on! 

So meet the Mormons is such a good movie! It was only $8 at Walmart so we bought and watched it like 4 or 5 times this week! Haha with investigators of course! But you guys should watch it because it's great! I really like the coach and how family oriented he is! That is one thing that I love about this gospel is that God has blessed us with families and that is the most important council in The World!! With families, we have support and it is a great place to be able to teach our kids how to act! I know that Heavenly Father has given me my family for a reason and I love them more than anything! For all those who are reading this that aren't in my family, sorry, my family is the best! 
Love you guys!
Elder Rogers

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