Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #36 3-30-15

This week was awesome! So Tuesday we had district meeting which was really good! Then the next day we had a zone meeting which was random because we had one the week before and they usually only do it once a transfer! But it was about a new promotion the church is doing for Easter! It is called #BECAUSEHELIVES. It is just like the Christmas promotion and last years Eater thing, just with different music! Haha It is really good, and is really easy to get peoples attention with it! We haven't had a chance to use it to much, but it will come in handy for sure! 

Austin update: He is amazing!!

SO one day this week, I can't remember which, we ate with a lady and her husband. Her husband isn't a member, but I am gonna give you a back story on them! so two weeks ago a guy in our ward said that sister Croston needed some service in her garden. So we went over there to see what we could do, and when we got there, her husband came out with his hand on his hip like he had a gun and was freakin out! But it was really funny because he didn't actually have a gun and it made me think of the movie mall cop! It was great! But after he calmed down and realized we weren't therer to kill him, he said we could come back to help with his yard. So we came back in a couple of days and worked on their yard. She came out and talked to us while we were working and told us about her husband and she said he isn't interested and probably won't ever join the church. Then on Sunday they invited us over for dinner and we had a really good talk with him. Then he told us how he wants to learn more and take the lessons! SO morale of the story is that service works wonders!!! Game over! 
Love you guys! 

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