Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #37 4-6-15

SO this week was really good! On Tuesday we had interviews with President cannon and he told me some really good news! HE said that me and Elder Boswell are staying together and that means that I will be Elder Boswells last companion! Yikes! I better step it up I guess! Anyways, nothing else really happened during the week! But this weekend was a good one! Obviously it is going to be a good since we had conference! So Saturday, we were planning on watching conference at the church, but when we got there, there wasn't anyone there so we went to a members house to watch it! Then during the second session we went to the church and hooked up a T.V. from the library up in the high council room and watched it there! That was fun! Then Sunday morning we went to the same members house and they had a big breakfast for us! It was great! 

So sitting there watching conference, the only thing I really got out of it was to go home get married and start a family! So as of right now, that is my plan! Haha Every time they told a story about a son and dad I got teary eyed because one I miss my dad and two I cant wait to be a dad! It is gonna be great! So dad when I get home we should a do a 50/20 (walk 50 miles in 20 hours) okay?? Haha  Anyways that has been my week and I hope that everyone is doing okay! I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a a true prophet and that he is literally the mouth piece of God! Never forget that everyone! 
Love ya!    

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