Friday, March 6, 2015

Week #31 2-23-15

Matt's Baptism!

Hey everyone how is it going?? Things are going good in Nampa! I had a really good week! I really only have two things to talk about! We had Zone Conference on Thursday so I got to see a bunch of my buddies! It was really good! I really enjoy them because I get to see all my buddies and we get a training from Pres. Cannon which is always good! Then my second thing is the Baptism we had on Saturday! If you remember me ever talking about Matt, that is who got baptized! I am so proud of this guy! He is such a champ! He is 21 and he is in the Army and has a wife and a daughter. Me and his daughter are like BFF's!! Don't worry she is like nine months old! Haha I really enjoyed teaching him, because I was able to see him change! Which was really awesome! When we first started teaching him, it was to support his wife and daughter because they are part of the church. But by the time he got baptized he was doing it for himself! I think we can all learn from him, because sometimes we do things for the wrong reasons. But even doing the right thing for wrong reasons will eventually change our hearts and we will be one with God! I love you guys and sorry the E-,ail is so short, but I love you guys and  hope everything is going good!

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