Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week #30 2-16-15

He was so happy to get to go back and visit Melba!

Nice Valentine!

Wood chopper!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good week, because I know I did! SO Tuesday, we went on splits that night and it was super fun! I was with our ward mission leader, Bro. Haws, and he is super awesome! So the night started out and it really sucked because no one was letting us in, so Brother Haws took me to get Ice cream! It was awesome! Then on Thursday, Elder Roberts hit his year mark so he got to go to the temple and I was put with a temporary companion! I was supposed to stay in Nampa, but I asked the assistants if I could go with the Elders in Melba and they said yes, so I got to go to Melba for the day! It was awesome! Then on Friday we had district meeting and that was really fun.

Awkward moment: I went and bought some new pedals for my bike because the other ones were really cheap and falling apart! Haha SO I went to this guys house to get the pedal off because he works on cars so he has like every tool there is! So we tried doing it with just a wrench and this pedal would not come off! SO we then broke out a cheater bar (ask Dad) and still could not get this thing loosened! SO we thought go big or go home and whipped out a blow torch and heated it up because metal expands and it would loosen up a bit! SO about and hour and a half later, we were about to give up. So walked over and tried the other side and it popped right off! After that we realized that we have been going the wrong way! Hahaha I am so dumb! SO after an hour and a half of tightening the pedal that we were trying to get off, we tried going the other way and it came right off! We stripped the threads so I had to get a new crank, but I am just mad that we wasted and hour and a half! Haha well that was my week! Hope you guys had a good one and keep reading the pearl of Great Price! It is good for ya! Love ya

-Elder Rogers!

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