Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week #29 2-9-2015

Hey everyone how's it going?? SO this week was really good, but kinda slow! HAha I don't even know why it was good because we had like three people who were supposed to be getting baptized all drop us. It sucked! But that is okay because Matt is joining the covenant on the 21st and I am super excited! Elder Roberts was sick this week on Saturday and Sunday so they were pretty slow days. I was able to study from the Book of Mormon and receive wonderful insights from my learning. I basically read the whole book of Mosiah because I had nothing better to do! Haha And because I was just trying to figure out the story line because it gets kinda whack with Zeniff! But I think I got it all figured out now! Also my Stake had Priesthood night and it was really good! The Stake President gave a talk about working hard and missionaries! I really enjoyed it and i realized something I miss the most is being able to work with my hands! Also I just want to give a shout to my Daddy and a Mike Larsen/ Bill Butler for teaching me how to work! It has definitely helped since I have been out here and I know it will help me for the rest of my life! SO anyone who is getting ready for a mission, I advise you to learn how to work hard and give it your all! Well that is all I got for this week! Thanks everyone for the letters and emails! Love you guys! Take care! Talk to you next week!

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