Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week #28 2-2-2015

Hey everyone how is everything going?? I am loving life over here! So at the beginning of this transfer we got an email from President Cannon and in this email he told us that we were going to get a surprise this transfer at some point! So of course we all thought it was Ipads, but he quickly shot that idea down! So then on Monday we got a call from the Assistants about some meeting that Elder Roberts had to go to, but I was talking To Elder Brimhall (Assistant from Showlow)  and he said that I was going to find out soon as to what the surprise was going to be! So basically I didn't get any sleep that night because I was freaking out as to what this surprise was going to be! So the next day, we have zone meeting and I love zone meeting because I get to see a bunch of missionaries and talk with them and they are super awesome! But that's not the point so we were told what this surprise is going to be and I peed a little bit after I found out! So the surprise is, are you sitting down? Elder L. Tom Perry is going to be speaking to the mission along with some other Presidency members! I am so freaking pumped! This is going to be one of the coolest experiences of my life! I'm super stoked! 

Other then that I really only had only one experience worth sharing. So there is this recent convert in our who is super awesome and has been preparing to get the Melchizedek Priesthood these past couple of weeks, but we got some bad news this week. He had some setbacks and made some bad choices.   So I know that it was definitely his fault and he probably deserved what happen, but I felt so bad for him. I was talking with him and he is truly repentant for what he did and I really hope everything works out for him. But I realized that I am starting to love the people of Idaho and Heavenly father is really helping me with that! 

Well I love you guys but I have to go now! Love you! Don't give up on Jesus and he wont give up on you!!

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