Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #6 9-1-14

Beautiful sky after storm!

Aww...cute puppies!

Elder VanWagoner's light saber.

Elder Rogers light saber.

Hey guys this week was pretty slow, but it had a few good highlights!

We had the new missionary meeting where all the greenies and their trainers meet with the president and stuuf and just talk out our feelings! It was like when coach vee made the team sit in a circle and tell each other what we didn't like about them! Anyways, that was fun! 

Then one night it was like 11:00 and we got a call from the zl's about some missionaries who rolled a truck!  I guess their back wheels hit something and they did a front flip and landed upside down! Everyone is safe so it is all good!

Then on Sunday we were sitting in sacrament meeting and I heard someone ask me if I  was okay, so I turned around thinking they were talking to me but they were talking to the guy behind us! I turned around and he was out cold! I thought he was dead at first! I didn't know what to do so luckily there was an EMT in that ward so he saved the guy!

Anyways, that was pretty much my week! Thanks to everyone for the prayers, I can really see them while I am out! I know that through Christ anything is possible and when we are having troubles that we need to turn to him and he will help us out.
-Elder rogers

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  1. Wow it sounds like you had a crazy week. The guy in your sacrament meeting is he ok? What happened? Then the missionaries that flipped the truck holy cow. I'm glad to hear there ok. Wow Nephi would be so jealous of your light saber. Lol love looking at all your pics. Keeping you in my daily prayers. Keep strong!