Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #88 3-28-16

Hey everyone! New Plymouth has been pretty good so far! It isn't that much different from Homedale! But the work here is blowing up! It is great!

Tuesday- We had a lesson with this little girl who is 9 and she is getting baptized on the 9th! She is super cute and is super ready for it so things there are really good! Then we went on splits that night and visited these people who are from a country above India! But they are super cool and the mom doesn't speak English so we were having her 12 year old daughter translate for us! It was really cool!

Wednesday- We did service for a lady who is moving houses and it was really nice to be able to where a t-shirt and shorts outside! haha I LOVE THE HEAT!!!! Then we were supposed to play basketball with this kid who is taking the lessons, but we found out he was sick. So then we helped a lady outside of her house change her brakes! That was fun! Then that night we went and visited this lady who is super friendly, and loves horses and western stuff! But we invited her to take the missionary lessons and she excepted! So we will be teaching her!

Thursday- We went to the senior center for lunch and did some service for them! Then we went back to the brake lady's house and finished the other side of the car and moved some wood for her! Then we went to this family's house and the mom and dad are members, but the kids aren't. So we asked if we could teach their son and they said yes so we are gonna teach him too!

Fri- We had zone meeting! IT was kinda boring! hahaha

Sat- We got to go to Nampa for a baptism!! Her name is Hallie Haw's and she is sister Haws' daughter! Not a convert baptism, but really close to the family so it was good to see them!

Well that was my week! Thanks for all the love and support! Hope you all had a good Easter! Love ya!

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