Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #87 3-21-16

He's headed to New Plymouth Idaho!

Saying lots of good byes last week!

The Three Amigos are all going to different areas!

Mamma Jensen takes good care of him!

Hey everyone! How is it going?? Things here are Great! I just got transferred to New Plymouth Idaho! Which is right on the border! I am really excited because we go to Ontario Oregon to shop. And guess who doesn't have sales tax!!!! Freaking Oregon! I am stoked! Anyways, its a small farming community kinda like Homedale so that should be good! My New companion is Elder Jacobs! He is from San Bernardino California and is freaking awesome! He came out with me so he goes home the same day! I think we are gonna get along really well and have tons of fun! I am super excited!

So this week consisted of three things.. Packing, saying goodbyes, and loosing sleep! It was a rough one! Because we covered four wards we were all over the place saying goodbye! I have a bunch of pictures, but not very many stories!

One day Jace did take us on an adventure in the Owyhees! Thats where the scenery pictures came from! The rest are just me saying goodbye to some families and people I developed a relationship with! Love these guys!

Also there was this freak hail storm last week! It was crazy! It literally came out of no where!

SO yeah that was my week! Thanks everyone for all you do and for the prayers! Love you guys! Have a good week!

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