Monday, April 11, 2016

Week #90 4-11-16

Hey everyone how is it going?? This week has been really good! We got a lot done and the weather has been freakin amazing! I am just gonna jump right in it!

Tuesday- So in the morning we had District meeting, that was really boring. Then we all went out to lunch after that to Wingers which is a Ghetto Buffalo Wild Wings. Then later that day we visited the Hortons who we are working with to get baptized! Then that night we went on splits and saw Abby! I asked her on a scale of one to 10 how excited she was to get baptized and she looked at me and said " mmmm A million"! Haha it was the cutest thing ever! Out of all the people I have seen get baptized, she has been the most excited! It was awesome!

Wednesday- Nothing exciting really happened Saturday:(

Thursday- In the Morning we helped this guy chop down a bunch of trees! I felt like a Lumberjack! haha There is this restaurant that will feed us for free because the members own it. It is great! We go there a lot! Then we went to a potential investigators house and visited her for a while! Her name is Wendy and she is really cool! Then we met this guy, Richard, who was a logger and he built his house out of logs. It is like a log cabin and it is super cool! but he also likes John wayne so we talked about the Duke for a while! It was great!

Friday- We started off by doing service at the senior center four like three hours! We washed a bunch of beans and stocked their storage room! Then we went to the Hortons again and helped clean out their dog pen because the twins are in 4H and are getting goats, so we converted it to a goat pen!

Saturday- ABBY GOT DUNKED!!!!! It was such a good baptism! There were so many people there that we had to move everyone into the chapel because there wasn't enough room. It was awesome! Such a good baptism. Also I think the best part was seeing Jace again! He is such and awesome guy! Then after that we put our service clothes back on and went to work! We mowed a lady's lawn for her and helped this family move their refrigerator into their house! Surprisingly enough that took the rest of the day! haha

Well that is all I got for this week!  I love you guys have a good week and thanks for everything!

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