Monday, July 20, 2015

Week #52 HALF WAY 7-20-15!

Cool bridge-  glad he didn't jump!

Service at the Burks!

Hey everyone how is it going?? So this week is a pretty special week because of the 23! The 23 is probably going to be the greatest day known to man, excluding the Birth of Christ! Why so special you ask? Well let me tell ya! First off it is my favorite sisters Birthday that day! Just kidding, I don't have a favorite! They are all my favorite! Second, I will officially be out for 1 Year. And finally and most importantly, it is NATIONAL HOT DOG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I can't wait! 

Tueasday- We had a really good day! We Helped Sister Burk (the lady we live with) with some service at her house. They own the house next door to them and were letting people live there under the condition that they keep it clean as they found it. They didn't charge them rent or anything, but they completely trashed the place! So we got ten missionaries and went and cleaned it out a little! We had to take out a China cabinet that was attached to the wall! That was fun! We went Ham! 

Wednesday- Just me and Elder Hall helped Brother Burk take all the trash from the service the day before to the dump! That was fun! Then we went out and got rejected the rest os the day so it was pretty fun! haha

Thursday- We went and visited Bob and Rosie, I love those two! Every time we go over there they ask us how "Recruiting" is going! haha they are great! He says that he is going to see me knocking on his door in Heaven trying to recruit him up there! haha Then later that night we played Ultimate Frisbee with the youth! We do it every week because our youth are really good at finding us people to teach!

Friday- we taught Maralee the Plan of Salvation! She is Golden. That is all I gotta say about her! Then that night we went and saw T! He is out of Jail now and I think it was a blessing for him! Because now he has stopped smoking and can get baptized once he pays off the fine! I hope I am still here for that! He is a really good guy! but that night we helped him move one of his dead goats into the back of the truck and it was disgusting! Some of the Death juice got on T and he was gagging hard core! It reminded me of Carlee! HAHAH

Saturday- was a fun day! We did service again and I was chopping wood for three hours straight! I was exhausted! But there was also a car show in Emmett that was going on so there were some sweet cars rolling around! I wanted to go to it, but when we got there they had all already left so it was a bummer! Then that night we watched Meet the Mormons with the youth in the stake, because they are the best missionaries out here! 

Sunday- Nothing really happened Sunday, it was a slow day! 

Love you guys! Have a good week! 2 Nephi 9:34!! Also, excuse the Profanity

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