Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #49 6-29-15

Shayla's Baptism

Good Missionary Service!

Hey fam hows it going? So this week was pretty good! We did a lot of service again and it was as hot as AZ! It rocked! I don't know what it is about sweating out side, but it was definitely amazing! It makes me miss the heat in AZ! Wow I never thought I would say that!! Dang I I think I am going crazy! haha

So now that I am looking back on the week it was really slow actually. All the visits we made were door step visits and was not a very productive week! We met with one of our investigators named Troy. His daughter gets home form her mission on the ninth so he is really excited for that! But he has had a baptismal date for a while but has been waiting for his daughter to get home. The only problem is he has a really bad smoking problem that he is trying to get through but not making any progress! So we are hoping that Heavenly Father will make something happen with him and help out! But he is really funny because he is this really hard tough guy but when we went over on Friday he was watching this T.V. show called Heartland! It is this chick flick about horses and its a Canadian tv show so we know that it is terrible already! But he watched like three episodes while we were there and we were trying to talk to him, but he wouldn't give up the show! It was really funny! Haha 

I totally forgot about this, but I got to go back to Nampa for a baptism! It was For the little girl me and Boswell were teaching, her name is Shayla and she is ten and is the cutest little girl ever! Haha it was a really good baptism, there were a lit of missionaries! 

Well that is all I got this week, sorry guys! Love you have fun at the lake!  

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