Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #50 7-6-15

Happy 4th Of July!!

Making wooden pens!

He loves to visit this home.  They have about 5 Weimaraner dogs.  
This one looks just like Daisy!  We miss her so much.

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a good week! I know I did! SO biggest news of the week is that I am staying in Emmett! Unfortunately I don't get to serve with Elder Payne, but Fortunately I get to serve with Elder Hall! He is from Snowflake AZ and is a really cool guy! He has been in the same area in Caldwell his whole mission which is 7.5 months! He is the oldest of five so hopefully he can put up with my PMSing that my sisters have forced upon me! haha jk I am really excited because I think we will get along really well and have a great time! 

It was sad to see Elder Payne leave, but he was ready to get out of the area! He got transferred to Marcing, which is right next to Melba and probably the biggest area in the mission! SO I think he will have fun!

So the only news in the area is that our most progressing investigator was put into jail last week. He has been in prison before and got out and was on probation. The reason he went back into jail is because he didn't have the money to pay a fine. So I think they are going to sell all their goats and stuff to get it paid for so keep them in your prayers please! But thing I love about the situation is his wife. We got a text from her about it, and she seemed pretty down. So we went to go visit her and she is such and awesome lady! Pretty much all she said is that people are in worse situations so she has no room to feel bad for herself! And she said that there is always worse that could happen so she is happy that it isn't too serious! I wish we could all have that look out on life! Haha I know I definitely have room to work on it! 
Well I love you guys and thanks for everything! 

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