Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #47 6-15-15

After District Meeting!

With Companion Elder Payne.

Elder Payne & Elder Rogers eating dinner at the Malone's house in Emmett.

They must be holding a gun to Riley because he's holding Mountain View Toro attire.

Hey everyone hows it going? So this week was really good! We did a crap ton of service and I am exhausted! On Thursday we went to Sister Lloyd, a nonmembers who feeds us every other week, and we pulled weeds in her garden because she had a bunch of them and it was getting out of control! But she is really cool and she enjoys having us over. Her and her husband aren't interested and in taking the discussions or the church at all so we are just trying to be their friends! But I feel like they are slowly getting there and I hope that I will be around long enough to teach them! 

On Wednesday we did service all day long! We were helping a family, who is moving to Denver, unload their storage unit and it was surprisingly really fun! So normally the only reason missionaries are asked to help someone move is because it is a last minute thing and everything is Chaotic. So I really hate moving people because nothing is planned out and it is just a big mess and everyone watches the missionaries do all the work for them! But this move was great because they had everything planned and they were actually helping with the move! It was really smooth! The only reason it took us all day long was because they lost the key to the Uhaul so we spent like an hour or two waiting for a new key! but that is okay because we got free pizza out of it! Haha So then that night we had dinner with Bob, who is also not a member and he is just a great guy! He is Catholic and is super funny! I told you about him last week, but I really like him!

So one of the nights this week I had a dream about Elder Boswell and it was really weird! It was a sixteen year old Boswell and I was chasing him around Highland High! Crazy, but on Friday we had district meeting and it was really good! Then after we had a district service and helped with the community garden! Then we went on splits with a member in our ward! This guy is super smart and is a really good teacher! We took him to this guy named Rack (I don't remember if I told you about him yet) who is really cool! Just a very humble guy who believes in the bible, and isn't really liking J smith too much! But we can change that. Anyways, we gave him a plan of Salvation pamphlet last week and we followed up on it. He was skeptical about the three degrees of Glory so we showed him in the book of 1Corinthians where it talks about them and he was super cool about it! It was great how receptive and understanding he was! Love it! 

Anyways, that is all i got and i hope you are all doing good! Love ya!

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