Monday, June 8, 2015

Week #46 6-8-15

Hey everyone how's it going! Just want to start my email off with a shout out to my main horse American Pharoah! Great job at winning the Triple Crown! They should make a movie about him! haha well her goes my week!

Wednesday- So we had zone conference on Wednesday and it was really cool! It was all about preparing for the sacrament and then at the end of it we actually took the sacrament! So I got to take it twice this week and it was really cool, the spirit was really strong! I realized that the sacrament is all about change and becoming Christlike! It's such a great blessing! The down side was that all the cars got black boxes! Meaning it records your driving and reports it to the mission President! It doesn't really bother me but I kinda feel like they are taking my agency away! Haha jk its whatever! But they are annoying! 

Friday- We did service all day again! Everyone wants service now that it is warming up. So we will probably continue to do more!

Sat- So Saturday was a really good day! I met this guy named Bob, and he is the horse racing fan that told me about American Pharoah! But he is super funny and super Catholic! He was making fun of us because we didn't have any Idols in our church to worship! haha he is so funny! And he probably won't ever get baptized, but he is fun to visit! Then we had dinner that night with some nonmembers and they aren't interested in taking the discussions but they feed us every other Saturday and we are secretly making them progress! So hopefully something good will come out of that! Oh and that morning I met a lady who is a snow bird and spends all winter in Apache Junction so that was cool! 

Sunday- So Sunday was a pretty regular day, but i met this guy who told me a story about one of his scout outings where his scout leader was really hungry so he was sitting in the front seat and all he had was Frito's. his scout leader ended up eating the whole bag. This guy thought it was a funny story, and I didn't get it until he told me his scout leaders name was Sheldon C. Rogers!!!!!!!!!! Da freak! His name is Craig Randall and he knows Pommie and Grandma and Grandpa! It was really cool! Small world! Haha

So I wanna share a story that Halee sent me this week and its really cool so here you go!

A couple of weeks ago when I was flying home I sat next to this guy on the plane, his name was Rick. I pulled out my book I was reading called "following Christ" and he commented on it. He mentioned that when he was a kid he grew up 7th day Adventist but wasn't active in any church currently. I mentioned that I met some 7th day Adventists on my mission in Iowa so we got to talk about that for a while and I showed him some pictures of me. Once he found out I was Mormon he said, "a lot of people have negative feelings towards Mormons.. How do you feel about that?" I prayed in my heart for the spirit to be with me and give me the words to say as I spoke to him. I told him that I was okay with it because I knew that truth would always be opposed and that I felt a big reason why some people don't like Mormons is cause we not believe in the bible but the Book of Mormon as well. I then asked.. "Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon?" He said yes and so I asked him, "do you know what it's about?" He said no, so I got to explain to him what it was about and I testified of the truth of it. It was so cool Ry. We then continued to talk some more and he began to express his opinion that religion is good but that he felt everyone has a different relationship with Christ and that as long as you have your own, your fine. I didn't know what to say until the spirit took over and led me to ask, "in that case, what do you feel YOUR relationship with God is?" He thought for a moment and so I added, "do you view him as your father?" He thought some more and then expressed that maybe he has trailed off the original relationship that he had with God. That as he got older maybe his has decided to pick and choose which commandments he is going to follow. He was just pondering all of this. (While drinking two beers.) I then began to testify of my relationship with Father in Heaven and how much I love him and how the Book of Mormon has helped me gain that relationship. He was definitely feeling the spirit. He just thought for a few moments and we talked more about father in heaven and related it to Rick being a father. We talked the entire flight and afterwards he said solemnly, "you know having this conversation has really made me think about a few things..." I was so happy. So I asked if I could send him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said he would love one!! A couple weeks later he sent me a follow up email saying he was looking forward to receiving the book and reading it. Ry, it was such a blessing!! I felt so humbled.

Shout out to Halee for being the best missionary ever! Love you sis! Well that's all I got! Love you guys!

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