Monday, June 1, 2015

Week #45 6-1-15

Hey everyone how is it going? So I am in emmett and it is going pretty good so far! We have had a pretty good week! SO me and Elder Payne are alot alike! Everyone keeps telling us we are the most "hipster" companionship in the mission! But really we just look fly all the time! Haha jk.. mainly just him! He is super laid back so he gets along with just about anyone! He is from Albuquerque New Mexico and has nine brothers and sisters! He is super cool! Well now I will tell you about our week!

So on the 26th it was 50 cent corn dogs at sonic so of course we went for lunch! I had five corn dogs! ANd then for dinner we didn't have a member sign up so we went back and I had five more corn dogs. It was great! Also on that day, some of the sister missionaries needed help moving so we went over and helpped! We took apart their twin beds and fit them both into a jeep compass. It was freaking tight! We also fit four elders in the car and one of them is six four! Miracles happened that day! haha

So the next day was Wednesday and I was able to meet our ward mission leader. His name is Brother Walker, and he is the biggest goofball ever! He reminds me of the dad from the Borrowers! It is super funny! Also that day, we were driving around trying to find something to do! So we just randomly turned down a drive way and met a lady named debbie! She said she had friends who were mormon and she said that she thought mormons were nice people, but she didn't agree with what we belive! We asked her what she didn't agree with and she said " I don't think the more kids you have the higher in heaven you will be." Haha I think I laughed a little when she said that, but we cleared that up and gave her a Restoration pamphlet and are going back next week, so hopefully it all works out!

So on Friday, we went to a little town near by called Horseshoe bend. We were helping these people move. So we got there at like ten and didn't get home until 7:00 So it was like nine hours of service and we were all freaking pooped out! But the family we were moving, had a daughter named Rachel and she is about 7 years old! but me and her were playin basketball and my watch band came apart, so I had lost the rod that holds it in place! I looked for a little while then just gave up because I couldn't find it! Then like ten minutes later Rachel walks up to me and has the part I lost! I was freakin out  and she says the coolest thing to me! She said that she had prayed to find it so she knew that she would find it! And that little moment made the whole service worth it! It was such a humbling and building experience! It was so cool! 

Well that was pretty much my week! I love you guys, you rock! 

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