Monday, January 19, 2015

Week #26 1-19-15

 His Companions, Elder Lagunzad and Elder Ward got transferred today.  Sister Gray and Sister Ho!  Sister Ho is headed back to Temple Square to finish her mission.

Riley's favorite missionary is Elder Christensen from Gilbert.  He is sad that Elder Christensen is headed home.  Mission complete!

Good missionary service.

That is weird to say! 6 months! Time is flying! I feel like I should still be in the MTC! Haha but thankfully I am not! Well this week has been really good! Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Elder Ward and Lagunzad this morning, but I am sure I will see them again! Also, my favorite missionary ever went home today and I am going to miss him! Elder Christensen is a really good guy and he is going home to Gilbert and will be missed!

Highlights of the week:

We did service for this guy in our ward who was moving.  We filled a 20 ft truck full of stuff, and when I say full I mean to the top stuffed with boxes!  

Then on Tuesday we had splits and I went and taught the word of wisdom to this guy who is planning on getting baptized in February. So I didn't realize this at first, but the guy that came with me pointed this out to me. The most important thing we as missionaries see is a change of heart. And that night we saw this guy, Matt, change his heart. I  told him about C.H.A.T! Coffee and tea, Harmful or addictive substances, Alcohol, and Tobacco! And he didn't really have a problem with any of those except for the coffee. And after I told him that he asked why and this was my answer. I said " That back in the day when the W.O.W became a thing, they drank coffee and alcohol and smoked tobacco like it was a religion! And as our science has caught up we have realized that these things are actually  bad for us and they harm our bodies. So though we may not know it scientifically, coffee could be damaging our bodies and harming us and we just wouldn't know it!". And his answer was " You know I really only drink coffee in the morning, to wake up, but I guess I can switch to oranges because they have more potassium then bananas and that helps you wake up."! Haha I know it is a funny answer, but it shows how much faith he has! He gave up something he loved in a matter of seconds just because God told him to! I was really the one learning at that lesson that night because he was such an example to me and someday I hope I can have as much faith as him some day! I heard a quote this week, and I can't remember where it came from, but it was " We teach when we learn, and we learn when we teach" and it is so true! Whenever I learn something new, the first thing I do is talk to someone about it! And when I am in lessons teaching people I am learning things from them! I just challenge everyone to look for different opportunities to learn. Because Heavenly father is always trying to teach us something new! I love you guys and thanks for everything you have done and for all the support! Love Ya!

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