Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week #22 12-22-14

Reunited with Elder Hulet.  Riley's MTC Companion.  They're in the same zone now.

With Elder Cope and Elder Christiansen.  Elder Christiansen is going home.

With Elder Van Wagoner- first companion in the field.

Hey Yall Howzit??? Life in Nampa is pretty awesome except the fact that it has been raining the past three days so it kinda stinks! But that is okay! God still loves me!  Anyways, highlights of this week!

We had Zone conference this week and it was really good! I got to see a bunch of my missionary buddies and it was super fun! We watched Mr. Krugers Christmas and it was good! We also watched a movie called "The Last Leaf" and that was cool! It is about this little girl who is dying but she is waiting for the last leaf to fall off the vine outside her window! She is set on dying once it falls, but there is this old guy who goes and paints a leaf on the wall and she doesn't know so she ends up getting better and living! I know I just butchered that explanation but it was really good! It realated that to Christs Atonement. Oh also, The old guy ends up dying so that is how it relates! Anyways, you should go watch the movie because I do it no justice! Anyways, here are some pictures! 

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