Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #25 1-12-15

Playing cards with members.

Linda Jensen lives in Nampa Idaho.  Her brother, David Bean, is in our ward here in AZ.  David connected the two of us and she has been so kind to Riley.  She drops in a takes him treats and makes sure he's okay.  Haha!  She just came to AZ for several weeks.  We finally got to meet in person and she brought me this awesome Boise State University shirt and a bag of Idaho potatoes.  So fun!

Well This week was a slow one! But the good thing is that it warmed up a little bit! So there are these things called INVERSIONS... they are freaking crazy! So we woke up one morning and we looked out the window and could barely see the tree in our front yard because there was so much fog! It was crazy! So then that night, when it got down below freezing all the fog froze and coated everything in a layer of ice! It was insane! We were like ice skating down the street! It was fun! Then I heard that the inversion can mess with peoples sinuses  and stuff so of course I got hit with that!  That day sucked because we decided to ride our bikes and we haven't ridden our bikes in like three weeks! I thought I was gonna die! Haha Really nothing else really worth mentioning except that we are teaching people! Oh and Sunday we had ward conference in one of our wards and it was really good! We were in Ward council with the Stake President and he was talking about the youth! He was saying how the youth do the most missionary work out of all of us and it is so true! They are learning how to teach people better then anyone, and all their friends are at the stage in life were they are making big decisions in there life where they need the gospel the most! And it is so important so I challenge anyone who is under 18 reading this to go invite your friends because they need it!!!

Love you guys! Thanks for everything! 
-Elder Rogers

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