Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week #79 1-25-16

Brittany's Baptism!

Her husband baptized her.

On the farm!

Hey everyone! SO this week has been a weird one! This is a seven week transfer so normally this would be Transfer Pday, but it wasn't! So It's a little weird! But other then that things have been good! It is starting to warm up which is freaking awesome! I love the heat! It is seriously the best thing ever!

So on Wednesday we had a Broadcast with some of the leadership in the church. Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks were there and also President Nelson! It was really cool because they had all the missionaries from across the world watching this at the same time! They haven't done that for a decade! They talked a lot about repentance! I love repentance because with out it we would all be wrecked! Luckily our Father in Heaven is gracious enough to let our Savior Jesus Christ take the punishment for us! Literally the best two guys around! haha But I like it because according to the scriptures we are called, as missionaries, to preach repentance unto the people! That is what is going to save people is repentance! We don't need to be perfect in keeping the commandments, or perfect in even TRYING to keep the commandments. As long as we are perfect in repenting, then we are sent. We will make back to our Heavenly father by that alone.

So then on Thursday, we went to the dairy and worked some more! I got to feed the baby cows! They are super cute! haha I was pouring milk into their bowls and when I would do it they were so excited they started like eating my hand and drinking the milk as I was pouring it! It was kinda funny! But afterwards, this Mexican guy that works there was freaking out because it was going to rain, so I told him that we could pray so it doesn't rain! Haha he looked at me like I was crazy and was like " You think that wiil work?" and I told him " I know it will work". Then he looked like I was even more crazy! haha It was really funny! I wish I could just video tape everything I do because then my emails would be so much easier to explain it!

Saturday we had a baptism! It was really good! Brittany got baptized and it was a really good program! She had her two cousins speak, who are the only members in her family and it was super awesome! The spirit was super strong and I think the coolest part was that her husband got to baptize her! Not very many people get to say that! So Good for them! They are gonna be a super strong family and I am totally coming back when they get sealed in the temple!

Then today we were playing basketball and we were really having a good time. But Elder Wright had to ruin it and sprain his ankle! Then he was crying like a little girl saying it hurt so bad so we took him to the hospital and spent the rest of the day there! Such a baby! Haha! (He loves Elder Wright)

Well I love you guys and thanks for all the love! have a good week and talk to you next week!

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