Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #77 1-11-16

Learning to milk cows!

Hey everyone! This week has been really good and flew by really quick!

So we started the week off with exchanges! It was good because I got to hang out with the Zone Leader all day and see how he works and learn from him! We went to what they call "U-tuesdays". Basically it is just an open house for investigators and less actives to get a feel for the church and feel the spirit! It is really good!

Then the next day we went on exchanges again, but this time Elder Ward (previous companion in Nampa East) came with me and Elder Wright! We had a good time!  But we went to the Dairy the next day! That was fun! Elder Ward was hoping a fence and he got caught up and fell face first into a crap ton of crap! hahaha he smelled like..... yeah! Anyways, we also revived a cow! It was crazy! We were driving down the row of cows and the owner was freaking out because there was a dead cow in the middle of the field! Then I told him that it was still twitching and he threw the truck into reverse and got out and hopped the fence and we ran over to the cow and stood her up because she was really bloated and was about to pop like a balloon! But we saved her before she popped! It was really funny though because the owner looked like he belonged on bay watch when he was running to the cow! It was really funny! Me and Elder Ward couldn't stop laughing! haha! 

Also a member from Kuna came down and visited Elder Wright! They are super cool and it was good to see them! We also helped a member fix his Buggy and it was fun! He got covered in mud when he drove it because it was super muddy! Haha
Well I love you guys and hope yall are having a good time without me! Because I am having a good time with out you! haha love you guys! Thanks for everything!

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