Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #78 1-18-16

Missionaries exploring Jump Creek

Hey everyone! How is it going?? My week was really good! We did a crap tone of service but it was really fun! We helped this kid in our ward with his eagle scout project so hopefully he will send me the pictures but we will see! We also went out to the dairy again and it was pretty fun! Other than that not a lot has happened! Brittney is getting baptized on Saturday and I am super stoked! It is gonna be great! Also we got a call last night from ward missionary with a golden referral! They even set up an appointment for us for tomorrow so we are gonna go teach him! He is already talking about being baptized and coming to church! we are super pumped! He has a word of wisdom issue but we will make him stop!

Well I am sorry my email this week is so lame. There are missionaries waiting to get on so i love you guys and thanks for all the support! Have a good week and don't take any wooden nickels!

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