Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #60 9-15-15

Silly Elders!

Nice Photo bomb Elder Rogers!

Pulling taffy at the Burgess's home!

With Elder Hamel from Highland HS

Hey every one how is it going?? This week was a long one! but a good one! The work here is still pretty slow, but we are trying! 

So this week we had a zone conference with Elder Grow of the First Quorum of the Seventy! It was really good! He talked about a lot of things but one thing that stood out to me was a quote! I don't remember who it was from but it was "Things that don't change tend to stay the same!" Haha I just thought it was funny! He also talked about my calling as a missionary and how it was an extension of his! It was really cool! But he wasn't even the best part! I really really really liked our mission presidents wife talk! She shared a video about Joseph f. smith! It was about how he stood up to a mob ready to sacrifice his life in the Name of Jesus Christ! It was really cool! She then related to us that we need to be willing to stand up for whats right! It may not be our lives on the line but there are much smaller things that we need to stand up for! I know that when we have courage and do what is right Heavenly Father will bless us and will have our backs! He loves us and wants to see use our faith and be a beacon to those how are lost! So that is my challenge for everyone today! Remember who you are and stick to your guns! Take the path less traveled! It may be harder, but that is what makes it worth it! Love you guys! Thanks for all the support!

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