Monday, September 7, 2015

Week #59 9-7-15

Elder Rogers & Elder Mosher are excited about these tanks!

And Car show!

Uh Oh!

On exchanges with Elder Ward!

Hey everyone how was yall's week? Mine was pretty good! So we don't have going much going on, but we have gotten some pretty good referrals! The first guy lives in our ward and his wife is a member, but he isn't! So he is pretty close to two of the members in the Bishopric. So we were talking about him in Ward council and I guess that he has told them that he wants to get baptized. So this is the first I heard about it and now it is time to pounce! haha The only problem is his wife is kinda holding him back so hopefully we can work through that!

The second referral is a new family that moved into the ward! They haven't come to church and the three kids aren't members. But they have told us that they want to work on coming back to church so hopefully we can get things rolling and baptize the kids because they aren't members! 

So now I will tell you about the Drunk fight I broke up! It was really fun! So Me and Elder Ward went on exchanges in our area, and I am still learning the area so I didn't really know where to go after we hit the spots that I knew. But we were riding our bikes up a hill and we rode passed a house that I have been to before! We heard a bunch of yelling and I realized that the couple was in a fight. So I didn't really want to intervene so I tried riding by with out getting spotted. But unfortunately he saw me. She yelled across the street " Mormons we need you!" haha and I was nervous to go over there! So I don't really remember much of the details of the argument, because the spirit like took over my body! I felt like I could take on the world! In the words of Elder Ward I was " A Complete Bad ---"! His words not mine! But I guess I just went ham in the paint and preached repentance harder than ever! It was the greatest feeling! Anyways, that was basically my week!

Well I love you guys! Thanks for all the support! Love you guys! 

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