Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #83 2-22-16

Melba's baptism!

Helping on the dairy!


Hey everyone! How is it going?? My week was good! The weather has been AMAZING! I could actually where a short sleeved shirt! Can't wait until I can start wearing shorts again! haha

Tuesday- We did service at the dairy and it was pretty fun again! We gave shots to all the bulls and it was really scary! There were jumping the fences and trampling each other! They broke the metal chute like three times! There was one that wasn't standing up so I tried standing it up by picking up its neck! I got it to stand up.. he just decided to step on my foot! It freaking hurt! Then that night we had a lesson with the Barrosos! Which went pretty good! We taught her about the Atonement and I think we really helped her understand it better!

Wednesday- Every Wednesday morning we go and do service at the senior center! They always feed us lunch too! Normally we just sweep and mop and do little odd jobs like that! SO that was fun. Then we went on splits and me and Elder wright went and tracted a little bit, but nothing really happened so that was a bummer! We also had our last lesson with Melba before she got baptized! It went really good and we got her all ready for Saturday! Then Wednesday night we had a lesson with Andy which went really well! We are still shooting for March 5th with him! SO keep him in your prayers!

Friday- We had district meeting which was alright! I am so sick of meetings! Sometimes I feel like we are in meetings more then we are out working! haha Then we had an interview with Melba for her baptism which was good! Then that night we had sports night which was pretty fun!

Saturday- We did service for a member in the ward! We took out an old fence that was burried underneath a tree! haha The tree grew over it and I never thought we were gonna get it out, but we ended up actually pulling it out! It was crazy! Then that afternoon we had the baptism! It was really awesome! The spirit was there and Melba was super happy about it!

Then on Sunday she got confirmed and it was really good! She is gonna be a really great member of the church! Well that was pretty much the week! I hope you all have a good week and never forget to not take any wooden nickles! Love ya!

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