Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #82 2-15-16

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good week because mine was pretty great! The weather has been warming up a little and it is freaking great! I love warmth! Anyways! Here is my week!

Tuesday- We met with this family who is super awesome! One of their daughters is a member and she is super strong! And the mom and other sister and dad aren't members, so we are gonna start teaching them! We shared a thought and asked if we could come back another time and they asked if we could teach them the lessons! So that was pretty sweet! We also had a lesson with Becky and Mike and they are super awesome! We taught them the plan of Salvation and committed them to baptism! They are gonna get baptized hopefully on March 5th! They also got married this week, so things are really panning out with them and I am super happy for them!

Wednesday- So we have to do a lot of splits to so I went with our Ward mission leader in Homedale and we went and worked while Price and Wright.. The Price is Wright.... went and worked in Homedale! Then we had a lesson Wednesday night with Andy who is also getting Baptized on March 5th! He is freaking golden! We also had an appt with Melba, she is getting baptized on Saturday so that is gonna be super great! She is set and has totally turned her life around! She used to be southern Baptist and she has made leaps and jumps from where she was!

Thursday- We went and did service at the Dairy! We helped herd cows and give them shots! It was super fun! They were checking them all to see if they were prego and while the vet was checking them/ giving them a colonoscopy we would shoot them up with drugs and it was super fun! Then we went to Shirley's and made cards with her and talked to her about why we have big families!

Friday- Friday we went and helped at the Marsing Disaster auction! That was really fun! The auctioneer talked freaking fast! And they were selling doughnuts which were freaking amazing! Then I can't remember what we did the rest of the day.. hahaha

Saturday- I cant remember what we did again... sorry!

So Thanks everyone for the love and support! You all rock and hope you all have a good week!!

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