Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week #19 12-1-14

Elder Rogers got bit by a dog.

Elder Rogers & Elder Van Wagoner got to go back to Melba to the Journey's baptism.


Hey everybody! How is it going?? Sorry I didn't email last week! I was really busy! But I have got some stuff ready for this week!

The big highlight of the week was Saturday! So on Saturday we had district meeting and it was really good! We listened to a talk by Dieter F. Ucthdorf about being grateful and it was bomb! Then we went and met with a less active lady and talked to her and her boyfriend about blowing things up and running from the cops! It was a fun visit! Then after that I got to go back to MELBA!!! It was awesome! We were teaching a couple name the Journey's and they got baptized! So me and VW were reunited! It was a good night!

Bad news time! My bike exploded! Haha I was riding my bike really slow and I looked back to see where Daniels was and he was way back there! Then I looked forward and hit a curb and endowed and ate it! It wasn't a hard fall so I thought everything was fine. But then I was riding it later and the rear derailleur like exploded when I shifted gears! So I have to get a new one! 

So I gave a talk last week in one of our wards about living the gospel joyful! It was fun, then I had to give another one this week about missionary work! Giving talks isn't bad at all when you are a missionary!  It is weird how that works! 

Nothing else really happened this week! We had a lot of bike problems so we were taking care of that all week! Oh Thanksgiving! So we ate with a family in one of our wards, they are super awesome! There was six missionaries there so it was kinda funny! We all sat at our own table and it felt like we were at the little kid table! Haha Then after that we rode our bikes like 10 miles to another dinner!  But the other family we ate with was really cool! One of the guys served his mission in Mesa AZ so we talked about all the good places to eat in Mesa! 

But anyways that is all I got! I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for all the support you guys give me! I love you so much and I hope you all have a good week! I know that being grateful for what you have not only helps you see what blessing Heavenly Father is giving us, but it also opens doors to more blessings! I challenge you guys to be grateful for what you have and look for Heavenly Fathers hands in our lives! Love you guys!

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