Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week #2 8-5-14

(Written by Riley's mom)
Week #2 was rough for Riley.  We didn't get the typical weekly email report.  Mostly private exchanges with mom & dad.   He experienced homesickness to the point that he was physically ill and didn't eat much, therefore making it hard to focus.  Through the help of his Branch President, his companion (Elder Hulet), his zone,  many prayers, fasting and letters from friends and family, he was able to work through most of that.  His email to me stated how much he loves Elder Hulet:  "I am just really grateful for Elder Hulet because he has helped me so much since i have been here. I love him so much, we are basically the same person. Mom you would love him because we are both whistlers and yesterday he was whistling a song that sounded so familiar and i realized it was wicked!!!"   What a blessing that Riley had just the companion he needed in the MTC.  We love Elder Hulet too.   Riley wasn't able to send any pictures due to the computer not reading his camera card so we expect lots of pictures next Monday.

We received this special text yesterday (his last day at the MTC) from one of his MTC investigators.  "Hello!  I was your sons' first investigator at the MTC, their district taught me all last week and today.  These Elders are spiritual giants and have learned to love and serve like Christ.  They are brothers and have strengthened each other, and together they have studied prayerfully and diligently to teach me.  My husband and I also saw them serving in the temple.  Your Elders carry their message, the priesthood, and the name of Christ with honor.-  Melissa Rose

This morning, August 5th, he left the MTC and went to Idaho.  He called us when he landed and he sounded wonderful.  He was so excited to be out of the MTC and said he is ready to get to work.  His spirits were high and he just sounded very happy.

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